Bizzare Dreams Anyone

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krc - April 8

Have you had any off the wall dreams regarding being pregnant? I want to share mine and read some of yours. I have 2 cats, one of which is always trying to claw a hole in any screen he can find to get outside. I just moved to my moms house and she likes to keep all the windows open so this has become a problem for me, driving me nuts!!! Well the other night I dreamt I went to the dr to get an ultrasound. Everything was fine with my baby but then the doc found another fetus with it's own sac !!! And it was that of a CAT !!!!!! LMAO !!! I was shocked that this was hapening to me and I felt ( mentally ) very strange. I didn't know what to think but then suddenly I started to worry and asked the doc if the cat would claw at it's sac and poke a hole in my babys sac !!! LOL I was soo stressed but the doc reassured me the cats claws at this stage were very soft and could do no harm. So I calmed down and went home. ( dream changed into smething else at that point ). Is thaat not bizzare or what !!!!!


mommy2two06 - April 8

I have also been having very strange dreams lately. I beleive that it has something to do with the hormones changing. Although urs is a lot diffrent than mine. That is too funny though... How far along are u?


Remy - April 8

I've had several wierd dreams - one of my dreams happened when I was about 3 months pregnant - and my belly was huge in the dream.. the wierd thing was there was a little window to see inside and look at the baby and I was showing everyone my baby... I've also had a few dreams about having twins, but I'm not having twins.. But every other dream I've had about my baby has been about it being a boy, and according to my ultrasound done when I was 19 weeks I am having a boy. =)


AshleyB - April 9

I've had some weird dreams too, I dreamed the army was after me my mom and dad and brother, and i was a little kid. I also dreamed that I woke in the morning and put my hand to my belly and it was big but had hard rigid edges in my skin and eventually as the day wore on, that hard thing in my belly came out through my stomach and it was a plastic model of the reproductive system like you'd see in the ob office. LOL Crazy huh?


Erynn21 - April 10

I have had some really strange dreams, but the one that sticks in my mind is a dream about my bust. I had this dream my b___bs got so big I couldn't feed my baby, I'm talking freakishly huge, like two beachb___s. No matter what I did I couldn't feed my baby. I couldn't reach far enough around my bosom and hold my baby. I think it's because I already have more than enough and everyone keeps saying oh you're b___bs get huge if you're b___stfeeding. I just had to laugh about it, it was funny although I felt really stressed in my dream because I didn't know how my baby would eat.


Bee99 - April 10

I had this dream that the dr had to cut my baby out to check him but they cut him out of my back and he was running around fine like a 12 year old I begged to the dr that we just keep him out but he insisted that he had to put him back until my due date. I have 3 girls already had u/sound tech said he cant see a p___s so he reckons its a girl.


Bee99 - April 10

Thats 2 year old


krc - April 12

oh my gosh....yalls dreams are too funny that it had me laughing out loud !!! I haven't had any strange baby dreams since the cat dream. But now at 24 weeks pregnant my sleep has become torture !!! I wake up it seems every 20 minutes looking at the clocking wishing daylight would hurry up so I have a reason to get up. I have so many dreams each night my mind seems too active to sleep cuz I wake up with these crazy 10 a night it seems !!! And now that my stomach is getting bigger I think Im waking up everytime I toss and turn. My mom says it's my subconscience waking me up so I dont roll over onto my stomach. Well that sucks cuz I toss and turn, thus wake up ALL NIGHT LONG !!!! This only started about a week ago !!


mandee25 - April 15

LMAOOOOOOOOO.....thanks krc for making my day. I laughed out loud literally. That dream was FAR OUT! hahahahahah


tararach12 - April 18

I actually had a pretty crazy dream right before I found out I was pregnant. My cousin and my grandmother, both of whom pasted away a couple of years ago, were holding a little girl. My cousin told me that this little girl was going to come into my life and change it forever. I really didn't think anything else about it until I found out I was pregnant on Feb. 1. We have our big u/s on May 12th so hopefully we will find out the s_x then. I haven't had any other dreams about them since.



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