Bladder Infection

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Kay - July 7

My doctors are aware that I have had one kidney infection and many UTI infections in the past. I visited my doctors office last wendsday the 29th. Aparently I have had a bladder infection all this time and they just decided to call me today the 7th??? Should I be mad at my doctors for not calling me sooner? or is a bladder infection not that serious?


KT - July 7

I would be p__sed . Im like you and before getting pregnant I was prone to those things. I had a couple bladder/bacterial infections in the beginning, and ever since I stopped wearing thongs I haven't got one!!!! That's BS they didn't call you because you should have been put on antibiotics. Plus weren't you in pain? I usually am with bladder infections. It's not like you can take pain relievers while preg so they should have prescribed you something safe during pregnancy! I would question them on why it took so long, otherwise there's not much you can do with drs. I've dealt with the same c___p through mine. In my 1st tri I had a lil bit of spotting and freaked out of course, I called the dr and it was like three days before I could get a d__n response!!! It sucks, but its not like there's much we can do.


chelsey - July 7

Glad I'm not the only one! I went to the hospital with cramping and nonstop peeing last weekend! Didn't know what the heck was going on! Turned out to be bladder infection, it took an hour or so for the results to come in, but they told me right away. So they put me on Amoxycilin 500mg, for 5 days. Finished them last night, but still am feeling the wrath of the infection today! Thought it would have left by now! A bladder infection, if not treated properly, or at all, can actually put you in preterm labour, my doctor said. So yeah, I'd be mad!


Dana - July 24

Bladder infections can be serious, I have had bladder infections, and once had a kidney infection that caused permanent damage. Went to a walkin clinic and they gave me the wrong antibiotic, it was not strong enouph. Then a few days later I went back because the pain was in my back, low and behold I had a kidney infection. It is up to us as women to know our own body, if something does not feel right, no matter how trivial it may seem, you must go to a good doctor.


crystal - July 24

I can't belive they didn't tell u sooner. I would be so p__sed off if I were u. I have a blatter infection right now( I never have one before i was pregnant I hate it so much) and it's so uncomfortable i'm cramping and nauseated from the antibiotics. Your doctor should have told u the same day u came in. and how do u sit through the pain for so long?



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