Bladder Infections A Sign

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K - September 28

Has anyone gotten a bladder infection in the early stages of pregnancy? I don't know if i'm pregnant or not but might be, had s_x during fertile time, but i bled and had cramps for a day last week. anyways, i've never in my life had a bladder infection before and i have developed one over the past few days, 3 or 4 days after the bleeding. anyone else get bladder infections and think they might be pregnant-is it a sign??? any advice??


K - September 29

has anyone else gotten a UTI during the first part of pregnancy? do u think it's a sign??


K - September 29



Aoibhe - September 29

Hi K, i answered this question in Signs of pregnancy if u wanna check. Best of Luck x


K - September 30

should I take this as a symptom? has anyone else gotten them more during pregnancy?


M - October 6

Hi, I had s_x just before ovulating, and had bad cramps, particulary on right side, went to the doctors, and low and behold, told I had a urine infection, no pain, just keep needing to go. Given antibiotics and 2 weeks on still seems to be peeing a lot, have had bad cramps still, bloating etc. Have done 2 early response pregs test, both neg, am due period tomorrow. Have just been to the doctors to get urine tested again, which they are sending off, they are also concerned about cramps. They won't do a preg test until I am actually late! It is most annoying waiting, for the past 2 weeks I am sure that I am pregs and have no way of being double checking. Oh did I mention the brownish spotting 2 days ago, and cracked tongue, with white inflamed taste bud!


E - October 8

UTI's are absolutely not a sign of pregnancy. In fact, when you have a UTI or bladder infection, any cramping you feel is likely the result of the infection. I speak from major experience with this problem. I suppose you should find out if your pregnant by first doing a HPT and if it is negative, have your doctor run a more sensitive blood pregnancy test. Also, I hope you are on antibiotics for the infection. They really suck.



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