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Shelly - November 4

I found out I was pregnant on october 14th, and figured the first day of my last period to be about september 13th. Last night I noticed a little tiny tiny bit of blood while whiping.. Just barely anything at all. This morning I went pee right when I woke up (about 10 minutes ago), and while whiping there was a little tiny bit again.. And then a little more. The most was about the size of a quarter on the tissue paper.. And that's only happened once. I didn't have any pain (minus bladder pain from holding the pee all night). Sitting here now, i'm a little bit crampy on one side but it's just a dull baby ache. I heard that you can sometimes bleed when you were expected to get your period.. I'd be right on being due for my period, but I never bled last month around my period. I should probably also mention it was after making love that I noticed the blood last night.. Maybe the pressure had something to do with it? I'm a little worried so I just wanted to get some advice and opinions. Thanks in advance!!


Shelly - November 4

Yeah.. thanks a lot guys :(


Vivi - November 4

I am in a similar situation. I found out I was pregnant on Oct 28. I had bood dicharge just like you on Oct 25 and now on Nov 5. My doctor just asked me for a quant_tative HCG test, the one that measures the amount of pregnancy homone in my bood. All my pregnancy tests that show positive, show a very very faint line only. I think my level of hormones is low and I may be with a threatned misscarriage, which if you read about it does not mean I will miscarry for sure but it is a possibility. Talk to your doctor, is what I think we both should do!


Marie - November 4

Having a little bit of bleeding when your period is due, is perfectly normal but also rare tho.It is called Implantaion Bleeding.When the baby meets with the uterus lining.If, you know your pregnant and have very large clots and heavy flows it might possibly be a miscarriage! Also, faint results in a HPT means positive,If two lines are there but they are still visible it is positive.The best thing to do is get a blood test done!


Dez - November 4

I know when my period was due, all I did was spot when i wiped, and thats what kinda led me to find out i was preggo.



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