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Amy - May 4

Answer: I hope someone could give me some answers, my story is, after I found out I was pregnant I started bleeding it was like a period that went on for 6 days, no big blood clots just some tissue, I went for a ultrasound but they couldn't find anything and I didn't want to do a tranva___al as i was bleeding I did find out that my uterus is retroverted, the doctor who did the ultrasound said a miscarriage but when i went to see my doctor she said a possible miscarriage which confused me and that we need to check my hcg levels, so far I have had 6 bloodtest , the 1st level was 270, 2nd 380 3rd 1060 4th 1600 5th 4000 I haven't got the results of the 6th one, I still have bleeding once a week more so after having days off work. I still have symptoms of pregnancy my stomach has weird sensations that i can't describe.I have another ultrasound on friday 6th which i'm prepared for a transva___al so hopefully I get some good news, has anyone experienced something similar


amy w - May 4

hi amy...being through 2 miscarriages myself, it does seem that you have miscarried, especially since they found nothing in your uterus...however that seems weird to me that your hcg levels have been rising still. i hope that everything is going to be ok, and am a__suming that when they did the ultra sound that you werent having a tubal pregnancy. i wish that i could be of more help, keep us posted.


Amy - May 8

I'm sad to say I had a ectopic pregnancy i had sergery on saturday 7th may, I was 9 weeks they had to take out my right falliopian tube (it wasn't working as it should, it's meant to contract to move egg into uterus) but everything else looks fine, as long as I know I can still have children i'm looking forward to trying in 6 mths so i hope the next pregnancy goes well.


*Muneca* - May 9

Hey amy well the same thing happende to me i went to the doctors becuz i was bleeding and i had about 6 blood test and the numbers were going higher but when they did they ultrasound there was no heart beat and i bleed for a whole month till they gave me medicine to stop the bleeding i think thats the cause sorry..


amy w - May 9

hi amy. i am sorry to hear about your loss. i hope that you are feeling better, and i wish you luck in the future.



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