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Wild and Crazy - September 23

yesterday someone suggested I try dodging buses and taxis instead of surfing with sharks ... thanks alot ! I tried that and what a disaster ! I was running straight up younge st . lost my left sneaker and just then someone threw a beer bottle from at least 10 stories up onto younge st. and the glass cut my foot . I got arrested and I'm so mad right now at whoever made that suggestion . I'm going to stick with surfing with the sharks it seems so much safer unless someone has a better idea to fulfill my desire for excitement while preg.?


Steph - September 23

WTF are you talking about???


jb - September 23

Wild and crazy, you have entertaining stories.... Are you bored at work?


Wild and Crazy - September 23

I'm just looking for some excirement because my husband works out of town and I just don't want to sit around but also wanted to be sure that it was okay to take up surfing with sharks ,ya know the thrill of dodging those sharp teeth it seems so exhilerating ,or wait until after the baby was born .


Wild and Crazy - September 23

... would sky diving off the CN tower or Sears Tower be okay ? yes I am bored . C'mon you must know how boring and uneventful it is to putter around at home just being preg . and God gave me a forum to go be bored on . I hope I'm at least entertaining in my boredom ... oops sorry ... I meant quest for excitement .


to wild&crazy - September 23

You're not entertaining. I wish you would just stop. Why dont you read a book or something


sherri - September 23

Why dont you go and cover some news coverage in the Gulf? You want excitment and risks? Then stay in your tent on the shore, and see how long it takes the Hurricane to b__w you away!


to sherri - September 23

I'll try that ... do you want me to let you know how it all goes or just go away ... oh I'll bring a bring a book just incase I feel a need to be as boring as 16:19 post


AJ - September 23

You could try to climb Mt. Everest...cost you about $60K for the trip though...depending on how far along you are you might make it back before baby pops out...No sharks though just alot of snow and ice...


sherri - September 23

well considering your boring mind and stupid questions, why dont you just go away? yeah, please keep in contact while you're in the eye of the hurricane, let me know estimated time of death.


to sherri - September 23

I ran down to recruits although I lied on my application about being preg. they said I get to leave tomorrow . Woohoo this is so exciting I get to go to the Gulf . Thankx Sherri I'll keep you posted


Wild and Crazy - September 23

thankx AJ but sorry I don't like the cold , I'm really a fair weather person unless you would cuddle with me to keep me warm don't worry I won't tell your husband or mine . besides they'd probably get a kick out of hearing about us cuddling together . Would I have to bring long underwear or is a skirt fine .


SHERRI my good friend - September 24

... are you there ? I have an update for you . I brought my surf board I'll tell you more about it later so far some guys told me to go fly a kite so I did but it was too windy and it broke alot ...can't find it ...oh well it wasn't fun anyway . gotta go we're going to loot walmart . talk to you later . I know you're my best friend because only friends say mean things to each other once in a while . Wish you here having a hoot ,WooHoo!


Wild and Crazy - September 24



sherri - September 24

I'm back! Whew! Just got back from looting myself! Ofcourse we're great friends! If you cant hear the truth from a best friend, then who can you hear it from? Careful at Walmart, I hear those store greeters can be pretty vicious at times!


HI SHERRI - September 24

oh God I'm glad you're back ...I thought I'd have to be talking to strangers only here . anyway the coast gaurd wouldn't let me out away from shore they said something about a bad rapetide least that's what I thought he said's so windy here I couldn't really tell what he said ... the guy seemed really annoyed when I kept asking him what it is ... he finally yelled at me something about the water raping me away from getting back to shore . mostly I'm just coasting around the neighbourhoods on my board ... I have to straddle the board and can only hold myself up with my elbows because of my belly ... darn I want to lay flat because its really wabbly in this position.


sherri - September 24

hey! just wondering, how far along in your pregnancy are you? almost due? try surfing the waves in an inner tube. you lay flat on that, and still have a hole for your tummy to fit in! lol! seriouslt though, are you really looking for excitement? or are you just spicing up the forum? I read a while back, on one of these threads, something about pregnant wrestling! something that interests you? lol! god, I'd even pay to see something like that!



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