Bleeding Red Empty Sac And Rising Hcg Level

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Jarret - June 29

Has anyone had this problem. I am bleeding fairly heavy. They told me 2 weeks ago that the sac was empty and I was going to miscarry. So I resigned myself to this fact. Because my regular OBGYN is now on mat. leave, I have a new Dr. She wanted to do hcg levels before exploring the options of d&c or other assisted methods. She called me in for a last inute ultrasound because my hcg levels are continuing to rise. They checked for ectopic and found none.


Patti - June 29

I think you shouldn't do anything until you are absolutely positive the sac is empty. Maybe it's too early to see a baby. I don't want to give false hope either, but it's worth the wait to find out what's really going on. I hope your Dr. will continue to check hcg and also do a repeat u/s. Check out this website They have excellent message boards with very positive stories and support for those who are not so lucky. There are stories of bleeding, empty sacs and they ended up viable pregnancies. One lady went in for a d&c and they did a last minute u/s and found a baby and heart beat. Again, I don't want to get your hopes up, but don't give up hope either! I wish you the very best of luck!


nms - June 29

I think you should wait too. When I was pregnant for the first time, I started to bleed when I was about 6 wks. 3 doctors said that the sac was empty and so I had a d&c. After the d&c, I was still bleeding and my hcg level was still high. The obgyn at the hospital checked for ectopic, but found none. So, I went to see another doctor (in another clinic), and he said there was still a sac inside my womb. I went back to the hospital where I did my d&c, and they confirmed there was something inside there. I was prepared to do another d&c immediately. But then came the obgyn, and he said that thing inside me which was my baby, has been growing in size and was the right size for an 8 wks baby. He said I could do the d&c or wait for another 2 wks to see if the baby was fine. I waited, but at 10 wks the baby had no heartbeat and I had to do a second d&c. The obgyn said the doctor who did the first d&c might not have 'cleaned' my womb thoroughly enough. But I think they have misdiagnosed the miscarriage. Anyway Jarret, I wish you the best of luck and hope things turn out the way you want.


sophandbob - June 30

The hcg levels rising are a bit odd after so long, because they do drop fairly rapidly. I was told I had lost my baby at 9 weeks after heavy bleeding, without them giving me a scan. they finally did one 3 days later and the baby was there, and was ok. I hope things work out well for you.


Jarret - June 30

Jarret here! I just had another hcg level done, they said I am beginning to plato. Even though the number is still rising it is not rising enough. My previous hcg was 14000 and 2 days later it was 15000. I also forgot to say that by their calculations I am supposed to be 9 weeks and the sac is measuring 5 weeks. The bleeding is starting to diminish. They want to give me pills to a__sist in a miscarriage on Tuesday. I am so screwed up, I don't know what to do. Just before I found out that I was pregnant the Dr. told me the chance of my getting pregnant were slim to none as my 3rd day hcg came bak with a 16 level. Which in her words is almost premeniposal.


crystalsned - July 12

I am new to this website and my story is different from each one of you! I am co confused I got pregnant with a IUD and found out in june. My doctor was sure it was in my tube and did a D&C on my 2 weeks ago. He also gave me a injection of methotroxate which will dissolve anything left in my organs. I went for a checkup yesterday and I found my levels have went from 7,000 the day of my d&c to 15,000 yesterday! I don't understand how my levels are rising so rapidly with a D&C and the injections. I have a untrasound at 9:00 in the morning.. I am so scared any advice?



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