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Shelly - August 29

That is GREAT news Felicia!


de-de - August 30

whats it called when you urinate and you start to bleed, and my period is not own.


a - August 30

maybe you have a UTI


Shelly - August 30

You could have a kidney infection, bladder infection, UTI, STD (some remain dormin and then show signs when you become pregnant). Either way its something that should be checked out.


Becky - September 1

I am happy to report that other than the few times i did spot in the duration of my pregnancy once in the first few weeks and once when i was 2 months i havent had any other serious complications because of it. Now im on my way to having a baby girl and she is healthy as far as ultrasound and blood work goes so i wish you all the best and i hope everything will turn out good for you too.


tasha - September 1

hey everyone ,ya i'm experiecing the same problem .i'm 7 and 1/2 weeks pregnant,and at first i started spotting then i started to bleed more heavier, but i went to the doctors twice and my cervix is still closed,i am not expierencing any cramps tho. but i am going for an ultrasound tomorrow to see if everything is ok. it's my first baby and i'm extremley worried that something will happen, i hope everything will be fine and the bleeding will stop.


Felicia - September 1

i have to go to the doctors tomorrow because they want to talk to me about my ultra sound, i dont know if it's a bad thing or what, but 2 days ago i had to go get a needle because im RH negative. i hope everything is alright i will let you know when i find out.


tasha - September 1

ya i'm rh negative to, and i got a shot in my hip for it, but i didnt go for an ultrasound yet,i go tomorrow for it. i know what your going threw and dont worry i feel the same way, hoping everything is ok


tiny - September 1

i barely began having intercourse. i had unprotected intercourse around my ovulation time. my period was three days late, today is my second day. it came in clots with severe cramps and pain in my lower back. i've never experenced anything like it. i'm so scared, what do you advise?


Felicia - September 2

i went to the doctors today and EVERYTHING is fine with me and the baby, boy am i relieved and im 11 weeks and 4 days YAY :D


Angel - September 3

I am learning so much from you ladies! So obviously women can still have a period while pregnant, would having you'r period affect a home pregnancy test?


Lisa - September 3

Angel, I have also wondered if a period would affect a home pregnancy test. I was thinking of taking one but then I decided to wait until my next period to see if it comes before I take one.


Angel - September 4

hmmm I was wondering because my period isn't a normal one. Just a little bleeding.


lisa12 - September 4

Looks like quite a lot of you are having the same problem as mine.I am 5 weeks pregnant and having light brown discharge since last 5 days(Its scanty though).My blood test seems to be ok.My first ultrasound is due on 20th september.I had a miscarriage early this year and so I am terribly scared.I don't have any abdominal cramps or pain.Can anyone help me out??????


sandra - September 5

hi am 8wks and me too is having bleeding went hospital yesterday and said i could be misscrrying but to come back tuesday for a scan ... the bleeding stops and starts with mild cramps too i am really worried that i am losing my baby can any one give me advice


Krista - September 5

No answer. sorry. I am about 4-5 weeks. Three days ago (fri) I started cramping a little. I then began spotting..the next day I started bleeding heavier..I think almost as bad as a normal period..then on sunday the same until the last half of the day then it went lighter. Cramps have I'm bleeding but very light. I already went to the ER on Sat and they took blood to test my hormone level it's 37 I have to go get it done again tomorrow to see if it's gone up. If it's higher than my baby is still probably okay..if it's lower then i'm probably loosing the baby. I'll let you know what happens tomorrow Tues 09/06/05.



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