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Krista - September 5

No answer. sorry. I am about 4-5 weeks. Three days ago (fri) I started cramping a little. I then began spotting..the next day I started bleeding heavier..I think almost as bad as a normal period..then on sunday the same until the last half of the day then it went lighter. Cramps have I'm bleeding but very light. I already went to the ER on Sat and they took blood to test my hormone level it's 37 I have to go get it done again tomorrow to see if it's gone up. If it's higher than my baby is still probably okay..if it's lower then i'm probably loosing the baby. I'll let you know what happens tomorrow Tues 09/06/05.


Angel - September 5

I'm just wondering like If I could be pregnant (although I don't think I have any symptoms but my body is acting abnormal) but still have my period like I am. But the test came up negative but I heard of people's tests coming up negative but still being pregnant. I'm just confused! Maybe it's all in my head! But I love talking to you ladies!


sandra - September 6

hi bn hospital for scan today and everything was ok even tho am still bleeding and they dont no why... seen the heart beat on the monitor and am 7wks 4 days


Krista - September 6

Had a blood test today. My HCG level went down to 24..but the doctor said that because the first test was taken at a different hospital they need me to do it twice on theirs because they cant use the other number because every hospital is different..I guess I go back in on Thurs to see if the numbers have dropped again.....then what? Doe anyone know of people's hcg levels dropping then going back up? Thanks I'll keep ya posted


tiny - September 7

ok, to my ladies with questions, i talked to my doctor, she said YES you can bleed more than just spotting while your pregnant, it can almost flow like a normal period, but its usually off date or shorter, and more than half finish off to a normal pregnancy. in my case, it was more than likely a miscarriage she said. i was devastated and cried, but i really couldn't share it with anyone, im still in high school and i could never tell my parents. i'm in denial and i pray to God to let him live.


Angel - September 7

Oh I will pray for you. I was talking to my pregnant friend and we think I miscarried before I had seven out of nine symptoms of being pregnant my period was a week late and when it came it was so heavy but I don't know for sure If I did. The test came up negative but I still had seven out of nine symptoms. My boyfriend just thinks I was sick because I did get sick afterward for like three weeks! Anyways I don't think I'm pregnant now.I don't feel anything again the test did come up negative. My period isn't normal but who knows. I just get scared becuz I read all the time how you bleed while your pregnant and tests not working right. My other pregnant friend couldn't take but a publix test cuz all the rest came up negative but she really was!!! Sorry for this being so long!


Krista - September 8

I'm still waiting for my HCG results but I have a thought...I've heard of home and blood test saying neg when it's really positive! Usually it's when a woman is bleeding/spotting..or thinks she still had a period. Both test use HCG levels to decide if your prego or HCG level has to be above 25 for those test to show positive...however if you look at the HCG chart it says that if you're 4-5 weeks along your level of HCG could range from 18-7000?? so you COULD be prego with a level of only 18..or even lower (if you're earlier) but it's too low to show a positive result.?...Anyways~ I'm wondering if BLEEDING in any amount could lower your HCG level...thus giving you a false neg result...since a lot of women bleed while prego but still carry to full term....maybe it's not that your not prego..but just that you are bleeding and that is causing your hormone levels to drop..? Dont know...just thinking...with all the freakin time I have to sit pondering before I get a CLEAR answer


Krista - September 8

Bad HCG level dropped again..they went from 37 to 24 to 11.9 . The nurse says that means that I lost the pregnancy and probably lost the fetus without even noticing since I was so early (only about 4-5 weeks). Even though my numbers arent 0 I'm sick of waiting for a straight I guess I'll just ASSUME that everything is out of me and me and my husband will start trying AGAIN...this really isn't fun..I've been an emotional wreck for the past week (ever since I started bleeding)...I think my spoting/bleeding is done now..or at least ALMOST done. Hopefully I'll be able to move on from this and have a healthy pregnancy next time. Best of luck to all of you! I'll keep you all posted.


sandra - September 9

can anyone help me i have bn bleeding since sunday went hospital and they said i could be having a misscarriage ... i had to go back on tuesday for a scan and there was a heart beat but am still bleeding .. i have been reading though all these messages about blood test but i havent been offered anything like that could anyone tell me if there having the same problems am 8 weeks pregnant cheers


Suga - September 9

I found out 2 weeks ago that I was pregnant but the doctors do not want to see me until 9-19-05. I will be 9 weeks by then. I am 8 weeks right now and have spotted 3 days this week off and on. It was reddish brown and really think they should see me now but the nurse says I should just come in and get my hcg levels checked today and again on Monday. I am really worried. Has anybodys doctor told them that they should not start prenatal care until 8-10 weeks.


kelly - September 9

what happends if you are bleeding when you are pregnant


first time mommy - September 11

Hi... i am 21 years old and i am amost 9 months. 34 weeks to be exact. I been contracting and bleeding for at least 3 weeks now. The doctor has put me on bed rest, and also has done test to see if i would be giving birth in the next two weeks and it came back positive....but me bleeding could had thrown the test to positive. They still have not found out why i am bleeding still and that scares me more then anything. If anyone has experienced the same thing or know anything i would greatly like to know. thanks


.... - September 11

Im bleeding right now and i think im atleast 3 weeks in.


Worried - September 13

Um , when i have my menstruation , would get clot blood,i'm wondering how this is caused , would it affect me and how can i prevent it .


Jessie1214 - September 13

Suga I would suggest that you find yourself another doctor. I am now 16 wks and I started prenatal care at 4 wks. I was spotting off and on until not that long ago and my doctor has checked me for everything I've 4 ultrasounds already and luckyly everything seems to be ok. Your doctor should at least see you and check you just to make sure that there is something wrong.


Jessie1214 - September 13

I meant that there is NOTHING wrong!!!!!!!!



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