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Jessie1214 - September 13

I meant that there is NOTHING wrong!!!!!!!!


Helen - September 13

Chistine- Im in the same boat as you Im 5 1/2 weeks pregnany with my 2nd child and I started spotting I started getting worried went to the doctor and he said he wants to see me next week to take another u/s This is so stressful.......


minin morales - September 14

i am 5 weeks pregnet and my cervic is a little open


wondering - September 14

well, i've never had a 7 day period before until recently. the bad thing is this period has lasted 10 days already. I've been trying to find out what could be wrong with me. I don't think I'm pregnant but there is a good possibility. I was wondering could I be pregnant even though I've been bleeding for the past 10 days?


Felicia - September 14

guess what everyone, great news, i had my first exam today and found out im about 12 weeks along and im due around march 20 YAY. me and my boyfriend got to hear the baby's heartbeat and i started to cry, it's the most wonderful sound in the world next to the baby's first cry :D. so everything is fine with me and the baby YAY


tiny - September 14

felicia, congrats hun, ive been praying for all the mommys to be and for everyone in their situation. i havent taken another test. i talked to my doctor and she sounded it sounded like i had a miscarriage. the first one came out positive, but i dont want to take the other one. i dont want to know. i still have hope and faith my little baby is alive.


Felicia - September 15

tiny, dont give up hope yet. i have hope for you.


sandra - September 17

hi i told u i was bleeding for a while ... well bad news i had a miscarriage last weekend.... :(


? - September 17

go and get it checked as low back cramps are not a good sign, sorry, i have had 4 losses im almost an expert xxx


tiny - September 17

well, thanks for all the support, i see the forum hasnt been picking up lately. well keep strong and take care of your little one, they are still all in my prayers.


leanne - September 19

hi everyone just wondreing i had my coil taken out a while ago now i thought i was pregnant because i was getting heartburn then the tests came back negative then i came on my period 11th september my b___bs are leaking milk ive done tests and still negative im also taking folic acid tablets could anyone give me any advice please thankyou very much


tiny - September 20

hey leanne well im obviously no expert, and well we dont know for sure that your pregnant. but the ladies from this forum are living proof that yes you can bleed and even have periods during pregnancy. so take care of yourself until your sure ok. im kind of in the same situation so i understand


Felicia - September 21



sara - September 22

good luck every one. my thought are with all of you.


Sandie - September 25

Hi everyone this is my first pregnancy and I'm 35 I am 8 weeks along and saw my dr 2 days ago and he did a ultrasound and I saw the heartbeat which is the greats thing. I told him I have been having cramps and he said that was normal but did the ultasound to make sure everything was ok. On Sat the day after my visit I had a sharp pain and I'm worried about it, I have not had the sharp pain again but I still have some discomfort on the left side of my belly and then today when I had a bowel movement I spotted it was not allot but enough to scare me. Have any of you experienced this or have any advice? I do not go in for my complete work up for a week. I dont want to be a worrier but I am wondering if I should try and see my dr again sooner or just wait for a week. Please help.


Kylie - September 25

I am six weeks pregnant I have been bleeding quite heavily with some clotting but have had no pain or cramping, I know what a misscariage feels like as I have had three before my first child, has anyone experienced this please let me know I am really confused



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