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Tina C. - March 5

BrayBaby........ I too have had those same thing happen to me. I had my bloodtests and sonogram and everything seemd to be fine and healthy. I was very upset and concerned about it still, my doctor checked my cervix and it is closed. She explained to me that your cervix becomes very spongue like and soft during pregnancy and the littlest irritation could cause what she called bloodly mucus when I wipe. She said she could see some during the check-up. I am now 13 weeks and 5 days (this is my 2nd) and I have had no blood for a little over 2 weeks straight now. Thank God everything seems to me ok. Ask your doctor about your cervix being closed and how soft it seems to be. Hopefully everything will go smoothly for you. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers along with everyone else.


jina - March 7

I am 6 weeks pregnant now. Two weeks ago I started bleeding with red or brown color. Last week, I had an u/s test and was told it is too early to say if it is a miscarriage or not. I am so scared because my bleeding hasnot stopped ever since.


an - March 9

I just wanted to let everyone know that I went to my ultrasound Monday March 7 and unfortunatley I had a miscarriage =( I go for my D&C tomorrow... Hopefully none of you will end up like me. Good luck everyone wish you the best


kiley - March 10

um.. i might be 5 1/2 week pregnant and yesterday i started bleeding light and then heavy... well i was having mild cramps but my mom and my grandma both have normal periods for 3 months were their first.. what is going on?


~S~ - March 10

There's not much you can do, except "try" not to worry. I know that must be almost impossible, but stressing out about it could possibly make matters worse. Before I found out I was pregnant I had a normal period, little did I know, I was already 3 weeks pregnant. After I found out, I continued to bleed lightly, pretty much spotting. Sometimes it was a lot heavier and sometimes it was hardly visible, but it lasted up until my 8th week. Of course I was worried, so I brought it to my doctors attention. She did some tests on me and asked me if I had any abdominal cramping. I did have cramping, but not severly. She suggested that there MIGHT be a chance of miscarriage so she ordered an ultrasound for me. I went, and it turns out that everything is okay. Apparently some ladies bleed throughout their pregnancy, some only bleed on the days they would have gotten their period and some ladies don't at all....Therefore, you may have nothing to worry about.


reggie - March 13

had a tubal ligation 13 yrs ago and found out iam pregnant 4 to 6 weeks started to spot this morning what does that mean


braybaby - March 13

hi,i am too 7 weeks and some days. the other (tues.) i went for an v____al ultrasound and saw heartbeat. friday morning i started light spotting only when i wiped. it went from light to a little heavier but never with heavy cramps only mild pms feelings, like if i was getting my period. called the doctor he said that spotting can have a 25% risk of miscarriaige. he said to take it easy this weekend and come in for an ultrasound during the week. i had a pretty stressful week. so i don't know if it was caused by that. i'm a little worried. but still no heavy cramps. friends say to stay in bed all weeked.


iveca - March 13

i too am spotting at 7 weeks. i also have mild PMS symptoms with it. but not heavy cramping. doctor said to take it easy this weekend. i had a stressful weekend. can stress have caused the spotting and possible miscarriage?? doc said to come for an ultrasound. all my friends say to stay in bed this weekend. will that help???


Allison - March 15

I am 7 weeks preg. and also having spotting a brownish color. I just pa__sed a very small clot. The cramps are very mild more like pressure its more annoying than pain.This is my second preg. the first was a miscarriage. I am scared but feel better that I am not the only one.Any advise????


dawna - March 15

i had a miscarriage not too long ago. when i had my miscarriage i didn't really have any abdominal pain until i actually miscarried. they only thing i can really ask you is can your bleeding/spotting soak up an enitire pad? then if so forsure you've miscarried or you might be having an ectopic pregnancy which means that the baby is in your tubes, and would have to either go under operation or take some medication to flush it out of your system.i don't know if this is going to help you at all but its somewhat of knowledge i guess.


SELENA - March 16

With my1st child I started bleeding @ 8 weeks - Everything turned out fine. November 2003- I had a miscarriage, I just thought since I bleed with the 1st one everythings was okay the only difference was my back hurt. Sorry it turned out I had miscarried. I wish you the best of luck.


angie - March 16

I had the same problem my Dr. said it could be that there is a peice of the fetus ' placenta being caught in the uterus, and if that is the case you may need a operation called Dialation and Curettage. It is a brief operation. the Dr. will widen the cervix after you are put to sleep and remove the stuck peice of placenta


Heidi - March 18

Hi no answers I am in the same boat. I thought I had my period last week and was getting ready for another month on trying, but then 3 days ago I started bleeding again. I did a pregnancy test and it was positive, went to the doctor and they had the same result. If I am still pregnant I would be 5 weeks but my doctor says I have to wait a week to have my beta hcg tested again before they can tell me if I'm still pregnant or not. I haven't had any pain or cramping. Do you think I am still pregnant


Tia - March 19

You should be ok as the same thing happenened to me. The said it was my uterus walls etc. they do that sometimes. I am now 25 weeks. keep your chin up!!!


Becky - March 21

well the bleeding that i experienced was only because i was not pregnant but i am happy to report that i an now about 3 weeks along and i could not be more thrilled so good luck to all of you!


Stephanie - March 24

After reading all these posts i realise that i am having a simualr situation. I just found out a week n 1/2 ago that i am pregnant. This will be my 6 th pregnancy, but I have mia__scarried two in the past. But at that point i didnt know I was even pregnant until my dr. had told me that I had misscarried. I have estimated that i am around 6-8 weeks pregnant. I have never experienced morning sickness with my other pregnancys so I dont know if that is what I am going through now. It started two nights ago. It almost felt like I was constipated, so i went to the bathroom and then nothing happend but the pains in my stomach were getting more intense. The next thing I knew the bathroom was spinning and i bracing my self against the wall fighting to stay conscious. I broke out in a cold sweat and had tears rolling down my face even though I wasnt crying. This lasted about 20 minutes and then slowly went away. I went straight to bed and went to sleep. then when I woke in the morning i wasnt in pain but mys stomach just felt "off", Then again last night I got the same feeling of being constapated and rushed to bathroom and agina nothing happened, i didnt get all spinny this time but the paind returned in my stomach and the were getting pretty bad and again it lasted about 20 minutes and again i went to bed and went to sleep. Early this morning I had s_x with my husband and noticed when i went to the washroom that i was lightly bleeding, and I was feeling "off" again. Right now I am not bleeing or spinning, or in any pain just still have that "off" feeling. I have no idea what this is or if it is possiable thats its just morning sickness at night. I bleed alot in my last pregnancy but everything turned out fine and now i have a healthy happy almost 5 month old baby girl. Could that be the problem? being pregnant so soon after giving birth??



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