Blighted Ovum Or Just To Soon

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Elizabeth - January 8

Hi, A couple days ago I had an ultrasound and The doctor said that it was a unhealthy pregnancy. She at that point never told me why and never said if there was a heartbeat! I guess I should have asked. She wanted to scheduel a D&C right away! I said NO! I decided to call back the doctor a day later since I was so confused and I spoke with a nurse, the nurse explained that it may be to soon and that is why there was no heartbeat. I explained to het that I didnt understand why the doc didn't explain this all to me and she said that is beacuse they were going by the fact that my chart had said I was sure of my dates. However I did tell them in the office that it was very possible I could be off on the dates by as much as 6 days. They did decide to do a repeat ultrasound in 2 weeks but I am scared to death! Has anyone ever gone through this? How many days off on your dates do you have to be to make a big difference on a ultrasound? I was suppossed to be approaching 9 weeks but the sca was the size of 6. There was also a yolk sac seen but no heartbeat. Please any information would help, may God bless you all. Sorry for so many posts.


Lori - January 8

I had an ultrasound that showed nothing in the sac at 5 weeks and I thought by dates I should have been almost 7 weeks and I waited 1 week and the next ultrasound showed very little improvement. I waited one more week and there was a heartbeat and a seemingly normal pregnancy that was only about 4 days off my original dates. I go back on th19th of January and if everything then is good then, I am out of the woods because I will be a couple weeks out of my 1st trimester. Keep your spirits up and pray. God saw me through this and I know he saved my baby. I he need your baby for other work though remember that it has joined him in heaven and you will see your baby again when its time.



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