Blood In The Toilet And It S Not The Baby

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liz - November 1

OKay, so I just gave birth to my first child 5 months ago and during the course of this pregnancy and after the birth I had horrable hemrroids. Though they shrunk alot they never actually went away. I'm 8 weeks pregnant (by accident) and yesterday there was blood in the toilet and on the paper after having a bowel movement ( it's not from my va___a...I'm sure) Then today after using the bathroom the same thing happened. My bowels are a bit constipated and I do have to strain alittle but the blood scares me. I realize I need to check with the doctor and I am in that process I just want to know if this has happened to anyone else?


YUP - November 1

Happened to me, but I wasnt constipated. I just had a craving for jalepenos that went on for 3 days. I ate them with everything and even alone. By the third day my body had had enough. There was quite a bit of blood, which freaked me out. My dr a__sured me everything was fine, but to lay off the jalepenos. NO PROBLEM havent had one since! I hope all is well with you, but DO discuss this with your dr.


Christy - November 1

I have had this happen and in my case it was internal hemroids, and there was a lot of blood. This is not always the case so make sure and see a GI. I'm not sure what tests they can run while your pregnant, but at the very least you can get there opinion. I hope everything works out well for you.


nhb - November 1

I've always had this problem; even while not pregnant I get internal hemorrhoids w/ a little bit of blood . . . definitely not a lot of it though; I'd say maybe like a quarter-sized amount at most (on the toilet paper). I have never checked with my dr. about those. I actually just got external hemorrhoids for the first time yesterday and there was no blood (oddly enough), but they are super-irritating buggers! I however, am not a "regular" person at all--I usually only have BMs maybe 3 times per week . . . so I don't know if that's another part of the issue or not, but if it was just a little bit of blood, I wouldn't worry that much about it. Good luck, and I hope they feel better soon!


... - November 1

Hi Liz, It sounds to me like you may have an a___l fissure, which is basically a cut or small crack inside you that will bleed during a BM. I have one, and it bothered me a lot on and off before I got pregnant...sometimes I would be scared of the amount of blood in the toilet,but it's fuuny that it has not happened at all during my pregnancy!! I would definitely get it checked out by a dr. to be sure, but that's what it sounds like to me. Try not to be too freaked out!


liz - November 1

Thanks guys I appreciate the imput



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