Bloody Show Not Mucus Plug Early Labor

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Mary Overdue - November 4

What is your experience with a bloody show (not the mucus plug). I just got a bloody show and I am wondering if this is a sign of early labor. I am 41 weeks preggers. Thanks!


Me - November 4

I think it might be time to grab your bags and head to the hospital. :)


Mary to Me - November 4

Come on, now ... I need to be in excruciating pain before heading to the hospital, no?


Steph - November 4

Sounds promising to me...I'd go for a really long walk and see if that helps get things going for you..or some s_x!!! Congrats on your very soon arrival!!!!!!


Mary - November 4

a walk? hummmm i was thinking of playing the Sims for a bit. :)


Me - November 4

Oh well, wasn't thinking about contractions!! Better have some of those before going to the hospital! Would hate for you to go and them just send you home! Like Steph said go for a walk and have some s_x! Good luck.


Mary Overdue - November 5

Still here despite the bloody show - I had some more this morning. I hope I am dilating and by the time I get to be induced I am well on my way there. :)


To Mary overdue - November 5

Have you had any contractions yet? I had a doctors appointment this past Wed. and I was 90% effaced and 1 cm. dialated. Everytime I see my doctors they are like we are going to be seeing you real soon girl! But I don't feel that way! I have had no contractions or anything! With my first I remember having BAD contractions for three days and my daughter was a month early so this time around I am like what is going on? Will I ever go into labour?!


Mary Overdue - November 5

No real contractions yet, just braxton hicks and tightness on my belly. I am being induced on monday evening as I will be close to 2 weeks overdue. I was hopiing labor would start by now, but nothing. I have been having pink/bloody discharge for the last 24 hurs so who knows, maybe it i will start soon.


sxc - November 7

to mary overdue - how are you getting on


Mary Overdue - November 7

Still at home with strong contractions about 9 to 10 min apart, loads of bloody show. Early labor started on Sat evening and the progress has been slow, as you can see. However, I think I will be ready today.


katieFAY - December 5

How bloody was toe bloody show? I'm 41 weeks pregnancy and when I wipe I have some light pink on the toilet paper. It's not mucous texture though. Should I be worried somethings wrong or go back to bed?



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