Blue About Christmas

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randi - November 11

my fiancee lost his job recently and we can barely get our bills paid.we dont have a single dime for a single christmas present,we have 3 small children who cant even have christmas.anyone else who cant afford christmas?


Tiffany - November 11

I know how you feel. My DH is in bootcamp right now but will be home for christmas. I have to spend $350 to go see him graduate and the another $350 to fly his b___t home for christmas. It will be so worth it though just to see him. I miss him so much. Im trying to save what i can but this one is going to be tight.


M.A. - November 11

Have you looked into organizations that help with Christmas, like "The Angel Tree"? Some of those organizations REALLY do help, and get money together, or buy brand new, nice things for kids in need during Christmas. I'll pray for you and your family.


Mommy - November 11

Do you have Santa's Anonymous where you are? If you do you can apply for it and a guy/girl dressed as Santa will actually bring a bag of gifts. All you have to do is fill out an application for the kids' ages and their sizes clothes/shoes, how much you make and not to mention they bring toys too. I know my mom has had to do it before. There are so many programs like Santa's anonymous and also Toys For Tots that are willing to help people in a rut provide Christmas for their kids. Good luck and Happy Holidays!


cheers - November 11

dido yet I have a job but will loose that at around christmas . I have to wait and see if I'm going to be blue though . Good luck best wishes and an early prosperous an merry christmas to you and as eventful as hanukah


randi - November 11

there is toys for tots but i dont know anything about it.right now i am waiting to see if im approved for help with getting our home weatherized.we live in missouri and for long it will be so cold outside we live in a mobile home with no underpinning,our home cant stay warm.and christmas is so close and im pregnant again and not being able to afford christmas is breaking my little boy has a christmas list a mile long,how can i tell him santa may not be coming this year?no one in our family buys our kids gifts so i dont know what to do.i dont even know what guidelines are for getting help.i get ssi due to a car accident i was in and my fiancee is drawing unemployment.but we can barely make it now.thanks to all you sweet people for your encouragement.


Lisa - November 11

My cousin is in that situation with her three children. We take them and register them every year at the Salvation Army and they are given gifts from other families as well as a turkey and everything they need to have Christmas dinner; she even gets with it a bottle of wine. Their Christmas is a lot better because of it and she is not stressed about it. Of course being family, we all help her out as well as much as we can. Can't stand to see little children at Christmas time with no presents under the tree; breaks my heart.


M.A. - November 11

I know it's hard, but if you don't end up getting gifts,try to explain to the kids what Christmas is really about, and Who. My mom had to do that one year. We lived in a small mobile home, and my dad left in Dec. to live with his mistress. We had no heat. Had to use karosene heaters. My mom made me a homemade doll. But I remember her love, and explanation of what Christmas was really about. I missed my dad, but I appreciated the real meaning of Christmas, and didn't worry so much about gifts, but instead,about her happiness, and felt more comfort because of her. God Bless You.


randi - November 11

ya but its so hard to try to explain that to a 4yr old thats my oldest.he is already talking about christmas fiancee is tyring to find another job in hopes of being able to afford to have some what of a christmas.the way things are right now i can barely 20.00 a month to keep my internet.bless all of you.


M.A. - November 11

I understand. My kids are very young too. My husband and I are a little low in income lately because of emergency situations. My mom has bought the kids so many nice toys at yard sales this summer, and their birthdays were just the past two months, that we hardly have anymore room in their playroom. So my husband and I actually were planning on buying the kids only a couple of toys, and the rest of the gifts being clothes. I have been pushing this for a couple of years, so we can just remember, and be grateful, and reflect on what Christmas is really about. But then out of the blue someone called me up the other day, and just asked me if I would like for them to get things together for Christmas for the kids. We're not poor, and we don't look it. And we never told anyone of our emergency. It was just a blessing. I really hope someone blesses your kids soon!


Have hope - November 12

Years ago I knew a lady with five kids. Her husband walked out a few months before christmas. She had some clothes and things in lay-a-way but couldn't get them out unless she had $100. She prayed for help and tried to focus on what was important. One day someone from a local church came to the door to try to recruit her for her church. She talked to the lady for a bit about her kids and everything. When the lady was leaving, she inisisted the mother take her gift, a bible. Later when she opened it, there was a hundred dollars in it. I know this sounds crazy but I heard this from the woman herself. Have hope for a Christmas miracle. If not, just remember next year will be better. If you oldest is four, maybe you could make him some kind of little gift. Best of luck to you.


Christy - November 12

Randi, at 4 years old your oldest will be happy and excited with whatever you can get him/her. My husband has on many occa__sions found things at the salvation army for my now 5 year old. He loves these treasures and has no idea. His birthday was a little over a month ago and (my husband loves the salvation army) had found him 2 barney movies, a plush rudolph, eucon and santa. He also found the dragon from sleeping beauty...he is into dragons big time. All of these gifts were $4 in total and they are some of his favorites, compared to what he got from toys r us. Try looking around at goodwill and such, you'll be amazed at what you can find and with each thing, you'll feel a little better. The plush stuffed things usually wash up well and good old soap and water will work for everything else. I really hope everything works out for you and I would definitly look into toys for tots or whatever program your community has, thats what it's there for. Good luck, when is your new baby coming?


karine - November 12

I know my parents used salvation army, and they would bring gifts. they are really good and they also provide xmas diner. even if you made alot of momey it all depends on your present situation. the father is out of work, youll definitly approve for help. and i think they give turkeys and stuff. it all helps. if they give alot of good food, then youll have less grocery to spend on and you could afford to try and find couple dollars gift. what i do incase things like that happen, as i have a 2 and 3 yrs old. we usually buy xmas gift all year round. we get alot of sales and we arent stuck last minute. and if emergency arise, then we know we still have some stuff we baught. in our end the walmart was closing to open a couple miles away. so it was clearing everything away..and i mean very very cheap. that was this summer. we got vteck computers for both kids for 7$!! that was amazing it was worth i think 40$each. we got weebles for 4$...their was alot, we got most of our shopping done, we even dressed hubby for this winter, we got nice jeans and pants for 4-6$pair. shirts for 2-3$. yes i know sales like that dont always happen, but start shopping on boxing day.....and hte rest of the xmas the list is almost done. this month we only have to worry about buying a 20$gift certificate for close friends, and star station for the kids, and of course me andn hubby. definitly try salvation army!


Hi - November 12

I can relate to you guys. My husband has a warm weather job-works on houses and then in the winter he gets an inside job and the transition has left us begging for money. I am pregnant again and we have a 16 month old. I sucks how we were just ok, getting by, and now were not making ends meet. I went to the welfare officeto see if we qualify. Every little bit helps-I am not to proud. I did but some small things at the end of summer for my son that I found on clearance, and we decided not to buy for each other, I don't care. But it wears at my husband because he feels as though he is a failure because he can't provide. Good luck to you all.


Randi, - November 12

I understand your dilemma, but this is a pregnancy forum!


To The Last 11:13 Post - November 12

When someone is pregnant, and needs help, or just needs to vent, then why not come on here? If you read the whole posts then you'd see that she said she's pregnant. You just want to have something to complain about! So if you don't want to comfort or offer any help, then shut up!


randi - November 12

thanks everyone for your comforting thoughts.i do appreciate it very baby is due in march,i hope things are better by then.i can try to sc___pe up a little something and see what goodwill has,there stuff maynot be brand new but it would be new to us.and everyone please dont hold this against me but to the other randi(screw you) im sorry every one but her comment made me mad.may the rest of you be blessed.



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