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Confused - March 29

I was wondering if any woman who is pg has noticed prominent blue veins underneath her eyes. I have a few on my chest, but they are much more noticable in my under-eye area. I remember reading somewhere that the veins under the eyes do become more prominent, along with veins in the chest and arms, if a woman is pregnant. Mine look pretty bad. I look like someone punched both of my eyes repeatedly. I have never had this before. I have other pg signs such as extreme fatigue, extreme hunger pains (loud stomach growls sometimes!) spider veins on my cheeks and chin, weird sharp, itchy-feeling twinges in my lower right ab area, and plus, two weekends ago I drank less than 3 ounces of tequila (I was at a party) and threw it up real bad! Now, I am not an excessive drinker, but that is the first time I have ever thrown up from drinking and the time before that (about two months ago), I drank many shots of tequila and didn't get sick that time. Can anyone help me with this? Am I just being paranoid? If I am pg, I'd be almost 5 weeks. Oh, and I did have what I think was af on the 14th of March, but I was 3 days early, and even though it lasted 4 days, it was pinkish red and real light. Thanks in advance for any help


? - March 29

Have you tried a pregnancy test???


Confused - March 29

No, I figured what I got on the 14th was af, and even though I still feel weird (I also have been having weird twinges/pulling sensations right where my belly b___ton is, and my b___bs, chest and stomach have been itching off and on for the last 3 weeks) I figured I'd wait until I get my next af around the 8th of April. I keep telling myself I'm being silly. I am not trying to get pg right now, but if I turn out to be then I will accept it and do the best that I can. I keep thinking that I am just being paranoid. Thanks for your input.


B - March 29



Billie - March 29

I would take a hpt. It's better to know now then to wait and drink more, don't you think?


Confused - March 29

Oh no, I am not drinking anymore! (until I know for sure) When I threw up like that after those less than three ounces of Jose', that was when I started to suspect I might be pregnant. It really freaked me out. I mean, I drank the Jose in a Tequila Sunrise and I nursed that drink for over 2 hours. I couldn't understand how I could get sick from that. I have drank them before (a lot more and faster than that) and I did not get sick. So basically right then and there I decided to not drink and wait for my next af and see what happnens. I have been through this once before a couple of years ago (thinking I was pg when I wasn't) and I spent a lot of wasted money on pregnancy tests. I am remaining calm about this one and I am going to wait. I might go ahead and buy a test and test this weekend if my symptoms persist.



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