Blue Veins If Not Pregnant Then What

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Katz - November 20

I posted this in the Signs of Pregnancy Forum but thought I would try here too............Okay, last month is the first time I have ever got Blue Veins and I have them EVERYWHERE!!! It started at 6dpo just on br___ts and then on 7dpo I had them all over(br___ts, shoulders, sides of stomach, legs, etc.) Well, then I had a wierd cycle, VERY unusual cycle for me, extremely light and short (3 days) 1 day of light red bleeding, 1 day of light darker bleeding and 1 day of light red bleeding and then a couple spots the next day. I took a test on the 15th that was negative and so I blew it off as just a wierd cycle but I still have the blue veins everywhere. What else would cause this? I am almost 4 1/2 months off BCP, the doctor said that I should not have hardly any symptoms except maybe irregular cycle after 3 months!! So what gives? Any ideas? Is there something else that would cause blue veins? Please if anyone knows PLEASE let me know!!!!! Thanks!!! BTW, I am 23(if it matters).....


Katz - November 20

Here is my chart.......


Katz - November 20

Lose the (-) dashes!


Katz - November 20



Deb - November 21

I had blue veins all the time when I was ttc. I think I just never noticed them before. It is not really a sign of pregnancy since you can have them when you are not pregnant. It just means that the blood is close to the surface of the skin. It can happen through any cycle. Also, I was off BCP for almost a year before I got pregnant and we ttc for 6 months. I had all kinds of irregular cycles lasting from 23 to 33 days long and weird periods, some very short, some very long and some with ma__sive blod clots. Some people's bodies just take longer to regulate after the BCP. Hang in there, it will happen. Good luck!


mommy2sean - November 21

I do think the blue veins are a sign of pregnancy, because it was one of the first things I noticed when I got pregnant this time. I believe it's caused by increased blood flow, and I don't think much else besides pregnancy can cause that. You can also get pregnant despite having irregular cycles because I got pregnant in September, without having a period at all in August. I have been irregular since I went off the Depo shot a year and a half ago, but it only took us 2 months to get pregnant when we actually started trying. Make sure you take a pregnancy test soon!


Deb - November 21

I had blue veins month after month and I wasn't pregnant, so it is possible.


Katz - November 21

Thanks. I am going to wait a week and then test. I do not want to see a BFN but know I may very well. Okay, so as of now, I will b__w off the blue veins and try to concentrate on my messed up cycle!!


whatisgoingon - November 22

Apart from all my other symptoms since 4dpo, I am not 11dpo, and last night I noticed for the first time EVER I have bright blue very predominant veins all over my nipples, lower stomach into hips/uterus region and into top of thighs. What else would cause this if it is not signalling even more so pregnancy? Never had these veins before. Also had stretchy ewcm since 9dpo and still have it today at 11dpo. Thanks xo


alynnr - October 18

hi, i had a question, i too have been having blue veins popping up like on my legs arms brest and stomach, even my lower abdomen part close to the pubic area. im not light skinned so this is different for me. i usually dont see my veins on my stomach or legs or b___st unless i take a really hot shower but for the past month they have been popping up and not going away. i was a week late but then got a period, but i still have the b___st pain, nausea headaches, tired all the time, and now when i eat my stomach bloats so much i look just like my best friend who is pregnant. my question is is there a way i coulod be pregnant? that these veins could be a sign for me? i bled with my first daughter so thats what got me thinking and when i mean bled i looked like i lost her but the doctor said its normal. any help would be appreciated. i do have a doctors appointment ut i am hoping i am so i can surprise my husband with the news if i have any.


mommyplease - November 24

Hi, I have been trying to get pregnant for some months now, and it seems like this time around may be different! I'm sleeping a lot more then usual, my b___st are tender, and it looks like they're getting darker in some spots, and even a little bit bigger. Normally i wouldn't get excited from these symptoms because when i do it normally is a negative pregnancy test, but this time im noticing little blue veins all over my chest, shoulders,and legs. I'm hoping this will lead to a positive test. any ideas ????


Grandpa Viv - November 25

Mommy, you are off to a goodstart. How about weird cramps, peeing more, lotion discharge, smell and appet_te changes? Test when late or light. GL!



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