Boiling Water For Formula

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JJ - July 19

Are you supposed to boil water before mixing formula or can you use hot water from the sink??


MJM - July 19

I always used the tap water and felt it on my wrist. Do not microwave it either. I think if you boil the bottle you could get it too hot and then would be waiting forever to wait for it to cool. They actually have a bottle warmer thingy out now a days. How nice. But me use tap water


Katharine - July 19

I used warm water from the sink (the hot is cloudy).


Jodie - July 19

You should use cooled boiled water, it is then sterilised and all nasty lil bugs in the water will be killed


Misty - July 19

This is just my opinion. But I think the best thing to use is warmed nursery water. You can buy it at the grocery store for no more then the cost of a normal gallon of water. It has floride added. Since babies don't bruch their teeth with toothpaste that has floride it is something that they lack to help make their teeth strong. I know they haven't come out yet when they are so little, but they are there, under the gums. The floride is good for them and is in the nursery water. I had a warmer though. I'm not sure how you would warm it without having one. Maybe just stick the bottle in a pan with some hot water, or a cup with some really hot water. This should eventually get it hot enough.


Wanda from NM - July 19

I don't think it is wise to just use tap water in formula, I never did. The American Academy of Pediatrics does recommend that water that is going to be used for infant formula be boiled, but if you don't want the ha__sle, I would just buy distilled water by the gallon from the grocery store. I don't drink the tap water at home, and wouldn't give it to my baby, or even a dog, if I had one. I guess it just depends on where you live, but tap water is too sketchy in my book! Good luck!


texas - July 19

i never boiled it before i used it...and the dr told me not to use bottled water (which i was for a while) because the tap water has the flourine in it that they need (if you live in city limits..) if not he may give you some flourine for the water the baby is getting..if you do boil it (which you may feel more comfortable doing..) tell the dr and ask if that kills the flourine and he may give some...


Jodie - July 19

I just want to add one more point, i have a friend whos daughter had constant diarrhea, the dr told her it was because she wasnt sterilising bottles and using tap water


E - July 19

never use hot water from the tap, for drinking. it has contaminates that the cold tap does not have. as for formula, you are better off to buy a Brita filter for your baby's water supply, unless you have had your water tested and know it is safe.


Jen - July 19

I'm with Misty I used the bottled nursery water. It's only like $1 a gallon. I want to know what's going into my baby.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - July 19

We buy a gallon of nursery water from Wal-Mart (98 cents) measure the amount in a measuring cup, warm it for about 15 seconds in the microwave and then put it in the bottle. It is not hot enough to make hot spots and its still warm so the formula will mix well. We had a bottle warmer but it made spots hotter than the microwave does. Our daycare uses a crockpot with warm water in it to warm the bottles. That way it can be left on all day and you dont have to get hot water ready and then warm your bottle. Anyway, our way works wonderful. We do not use tap water because if something does happen to your city water you will not find out about it until the 5 or 6 oclock news and you could have already fixed 3 or 4 bottles by then. Anyway good luck!



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