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Coma - April 19

Are you as bored with this site as I am?


Jamie - April 19

I'm just bored in general - not with this site in particular. I'm ready to have a new baby to play with.


hell yes - April 19

yes yes yes yes!


Coma 2 Jamie - April 19

Yeah, me to! :-)


j - April 19

so don't come here...


Coma 2 j - April 19

The only reason I'm asking is because I first found this site when I was really worried about something. It seemed pretty good, and for the first month or so there were some really good questions and new stuff kept coming up all the time. Lately though, people keep bringing back the same old subjects. I'm not trying to b___h about it, just keep checking for something new and all I see is, Who Is This Grandma? Or Help! Can I Get Pregnant From Pre-c_m? I'm not complaining about the silly threads either, because I like a laugh. I've tried starting new ones, but it seems the old ones are the best and apparently you can't get enough advice on what do if your 13 year old is knocked up by an 18 year old! I'm sure that guy has stopped reading your replies by now.


Layla - April 19

I agree with you totally! Need new subjects! I think all entries from a month ago need to be deleted completely and start all over. I like the funny ones too, and there is one person...MIZNUTS or something that has some pretty funny answers but none of them are really answers, just sarcasm and cut downs...they are funny to read though.


jamie - April 19

I'm almost off work...will that cure my boredom?


to bored - April 19

you don't have to keep coming back. find something better to do with your time than criticize those of us who find this site helpful.


Bored to last post - April 19

I'm not critising the site just the questions. Having said that though there's been a flood of new questions since I said this, so no need to answer me now. By the way, I do have better things to do, but now and then there is a lull at work and I have nothing to do except surf the net. I only check up on this site once a week and the same threads are always there! It used to be better, that's all I'm saying.


understandable - April 19

It is understandable that that happens.. in the first month or so, every question seems to be about something new... but after a while it's all stuff you've heard before...then you just go reading about stuff that seems to be happening to you, but other people don't reply enough, and it's all posts you've read before :-P sometimes it's good to take a few days to a week off and go back when most of the posts are new :) or go back and read stuff from last year... at least that way you can see if ppl got prego and don't have to wait! :-P :)


Not bored - April 19

You must be so bored that you had to post about how bored you are. Get a hobby.



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