Both Folic Acid And Prenatal Vitamins

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snelly14 - March 7

I am just wondering if it is safe to take Prenatal Vitamins and Folic Acid at the same time. I have had the worst luck in the past and want to take every preventive measure at this point. I am not pregnant but I dont want to do anything in the event that I do conceive while taking the two of these together. Please advise! Thanks!


Mommy_to_be - March 7

I would say no, too much of a good thing CAN be bad. Prenatal vitamins (plus folic acid in everyday diet such as cereal) is plenty!


missycc4 - March 7

I was on floic acid and prenatal at the same time be4 and after I was pregnant. Still pregnant. I started the folic two months be4 I got pregnant the for three months after with my prenant. My Dr was the one that told me to take them. If your worried about it talk to your Dr.


missycc4 - March 7

That one word is prenatal


SaraH - March 7

folic acid is water soluble so although you can over do it, you'd have to take a whole lot all at once to get to much. Since it's water soluble your body doesn't store it, and for the most part any extra you take that you take that your body doesn't need is expelled daily. I didn't take an excessively extra amount but I did take extra from time to time along w/ my prenatals at the start of this pregnancy. An overdose on folic acid requires something like 20g of it in a day -which I'm a__suming your no were near even w/ the prenatal, diet and an extra supplement of it, and some of what I've read suggests that the FDA's RDA (recommended daily allowance) for folic acid is actually quite low and that the body of most ppl needs more then the RDA. That said I'd mention to your doc that you are taking extra and confirm that they have no problems w/ it but over all Folic Acid is one of those things that unless you're eating the supplements like candy you're probably safe as you'll just expel the extra.


c_baer19 - March 8

You only need less than 1 mg of folic acid per day, and your prenatal vitamin should cover that, mine does.


JustStartingOut - March 8

Unless your doctor tells you too, then do not take them both together. To much folic acid can actually hurt your baby. You should call your doctor for amounts and such.


MsMonet - March 8

I too was just prescriberd folic acid and prenatal vitamins... I actually will pick up the prescription tonight. I was also prescribed Bio Endurance pills and 81mg Baby aspirins... Anyone else? What was your experience like?


moescrilla - March 8

I've read that too much folic acid can cause birth defects.


Cap - March 8

I have been advised by the 3 specialists that follow me for my pregnancy that it is fine. I take 4mg of folic acid (an extra 7 pills a day) in addition to my pre-natal vitamins. My hematologist has told me that you can not take too much folic acid. I have to take a lot of additional folic acid for a clotting disorder. Ask you doctor if you are concerned - but it is fine.


squished - March 8

Like cap, I too take 4mg of folic acid a day plus a prenatal vitamin, per doctors orders. And like Sarah said it's a water soluble vitamin so your body doesn't store it and any excess is excreted by your body and juststartingout, folic acid cannot cause birth defects it prevents birth defects.


moescrilla - March 8

It can also cause birth defects if you take too much, but like Sarah said, you'd have to take a whole lot at once. Just like Iron - its good for babies, but too much is very harmful. You're not supposed to take products like airborne because you could "overdose" on vitamins. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing. For example vitamins a, d, and e half been linked to birth defects (when taking too much)



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