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Heidi - August 1

Help! This is my first and last baby!!! I was all excited about registering until we got to the bottle isle. My mom was with me. Now her youngest kid is 23 years old mind you. We got into an argument about bottles and nipples. I'm going to TRY to br___tfeed but if this doesn't work out, I did register for bottles or I plan to pump and then bottle feed. So I wanted the Avent ones or whatever they're called and she said it's just a gimmick. Glad I didn't cus I read on a different post that they leak. Anyway, I registered for the Evenflo bottles that are tipped at an angle. Then there was the nipple issue. She told me to get the nuk style tips as they're the best. Same with pacifiers. What is the best? There were so many different styles and brands and my mom said it's just a advertising gimick and blah blah blah. I hope I got a good kind. I know nothing about this stufff! And of course it's been 23 years since she's used them so I didn't know weather to believe her or not and got sick of arguing with her.


autum - August 1

personnally i used the avent system, pump bottles and pacifiers,w ih my son. I never had a problem with them. I plan on using them again this time around. but it is really up to you. one word of advice though, if you are planning on b___stfeeding, or pumping. DO NOT get the cheap pumps ei. gerber, the first years playtex. they dont work and they hurt like a son of a gun. you want a pump that the company specializes in it. avent is one of those. there's also one that starts with a m cant remember the name. hope that helps


tiffani~99 days to go!! - August 1

You're bound to get a variety of opinions on this one. With both of my kids I used the Playtex Nurser bottle (it has the disposable liners) and Nuk brand pacifiers. You'll be glad you didn't register for Avent bottles, they don't live up to the hype. I've also used Vent Air bottles (not sure, but I think Playtex makes them) as well as just a regular, standared issue type of bottle. I think as long as you stay away from Avent, you'll be fine. :o)


tiffani~99 days to go!! - August 1

Avent Isis is a great b___st pump if you're looking for suggestions in that area. :o)


AUTUM - August 1

HERE IS SOME INFO ABOUT PUMPS, IT MAY HELP YOU. This for the most part translates to how well or how often the pump cycles, or creates suction and releases it. The healthy nursing baby will suckle 45-55 times a minute. Pumps which cycle closer to this range tend to be more effective at yielding the most milk as well as maintaining the milk supply more effectively. Look for pumps which cycle at least 25 times per minute. Those with cycling rates below 25 are often ineffective at yielding milk. In addition, their cycles tend to be longer (as well as less) and therefore may cause pain as the b___st and nipple tissue is suctioned for too long a period. Pumps which automatically cyle also tend to be more effective than those which require the user to regulate the cycles, often by covering a hole, or pressing a b___ton or bar. Cycles which must be user-controlled leave much to user-error. All of the following receive poor reviews in the lactation literature and have poor track records when used by the majority of b___stfeeding mothers: Evenflo, Gerber, First Years, MagMag, Playskool. All of these pumps either allow for suction levels beyond what has been determined as safe for b___st and nipple tissue or cycle far below effective frequencies (as low as 4-7 cycles for minute for some of them). Most also require the mother to regulate the cyclesAvent Isis, Medela Spring Express, Medela Harmony, Medela Pedal pump (pumping action is done through pumping of the foot; allows for double pumping as well as single pumping), Ameda Egnell Hand pump, or Ameda-Egnell One-Hand pump. Note: All manual pumps require pumping action on the part of the mother. Make sure you read the instructions thoroughly on how to correctly use the one you choose so that the pumping action is effective, safe, and comfortable.


autum - August 1 here's the link for anyone wanting to check it out. take out all dashes except for the one at b___stfeed-essentials.


BBK - August 1

Mom knows best.... maybe, maybe not, but the marketing hype is just that. We're in search of other bottles too. The avent ones simply don't work for our daughter most of the time. My suggestion is to avoid buying anything in ma__s quant_ties till you see which one works best with your baby.... we'll try both dr. Brown and Playtex next, but won't commit till we have a match.


Heidi - August 1

Oh god, too much pump information! Now I'm really scared! I was kind of planning to b___stfeed till I go back to work cus once I'm working I won't be able to take breaks to pump milk and everyone told me I won't be able to go eight hours without pumping and be able to keep my supply up. Is it a bad idea to buy a used pump??? I know at a children's exchange store in our area I found lots of used pumps for sale. Is this a bad idea?


BBK - August 1

Heidi, this is what happened with us. My wife had every intention of going b___st 100% but.....In the beginning the supply was not enough.A manual pump required tremendous effort. Now the baby tires out before the milk is depleted, then she's not full and wakes up in 1.5 hours; or the milk maybe ready to go but the baby sleeping. We had to get the medela double and it was worth it. This pump is great. Milk supply is now way up, though my wife has to either pump or feed every 3 to 4 hours to keep it up. I'd say it's OK to get a used pump as long as you can still get the parts for it. This way you can buy new or extra cones, bottles etc. Good luck


Julie - August 1

I used Avent bottles and didn't b___stfeed I registered for everything and got it all. The bottles do leak unless you screw the lid on correctly. I didn't find this out until my son was about 4 months old. My husband and I were both putting the lids on wrong. They are great if you do it correctly and the sippy cups and everything all go together. What you have to do is turn the lid counter clockwise until you here a click and that will indicate that the lid is engaged and then you turn it clockwise to tighten it. If you put them on right they don't leak.


MJM - August 1

I am preg with #2 and with my 1st and this child I will use the evenflo vent air. my daughter never had gas and loved the bottle/nipple. WE did a lot of trial and error with bottles with her. These are the best, they never leak or anything. I tried the one with the liners and at 2 am i did not want to deal with it. These were easier and more conveinient.


Katharine - August 1

Just don't buy many of any type of bottle/nipple until you know what baby will take. Luckily, mine didn't start taking a bottle until she went to daycare, so they did the experimentation there. Turned ou Nuk worked for her (in nipples and pacifiers). Then, I could pump directly into "regular"sized bottles. I just used a manual Medela pump for pumiping 1-2 times daily at work. I work in a cubicle, so the whiring wouldn't work for me (alhtough I had a few embarra__sing "slurp" sounds..).


Jenn - August 1

This may not help but with my baby he was very hard to get to take a bottle so we tried several different brands and styles until we found the one he would take. I wouldn't worry too much about it I think they are all fine. I b___stfed most of the time but wanted to make sure he would take a bottle so we could leave him with my mom while we went out. All babies have different likes, I went through a lot until I found the one that he would take the best. My sister's baby took the first one she tried and it was different that the one my baby would take.


~E~ - August 2

I have Dr. Browns Bottles (recommended by my mom who has been a babysitter for the last 10+ years). I have 6 bottles so far (3 4oz and 3 8oz). I am planning on staying at home and b___stfeeding for the first six months of the baby's life. My question is how many bottles would I need? six enough? I have another six on the registry...but do you think I would need it w/ b___stfeeding most of the time for six months. Thanks.


Seriously Bad Mood! - August 2

Why didn't this thread come up before I bought Advent bottles?! :(


miranda - August 2

I like the avent bottles. I've never had a problem with them at all. Of course I didn't use them very often because I b___stfed most of the time.


kellie - August 2

I love the Playtex Ventaire System. I have had no problem with leaking. I have heard the Playtex Premium nursers are also good, but I can't afford to keep buying the liners. =)



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