Bowel Movements After Pregnancy Possibly Tmi

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KM - December 11

okay, this is probably TMI but, I seem to have a few little hemrhoids from delivery.I think this may be the problem, or does this sound like a tear? I refuse to go to the bathroom because i am in excruciating pain when I do.It feels like i am ripping apart, and after there is a lot of blood. I reallllllllyyy dont want to go to the doctor for this, only as a last resort, Anyone have any advice of something that can help?


Anon - December 11

Sorry to say but it sounds like you do need to go see the Dr. you arent supposed to be feeling like you are being ripped apart. And you will eventually have to go to the bathroom whether you like it or not. So just go and see the Dr. get it over with =)


KM - December 12

I think it is hemrhoids inside of me because I have been using cream and a stool softener and have been able to go, but its still very painful and bleeding.I think I'm gonna go to the doctor on Monday..


KM - December 12

Also, I started taking birth control today actually. I know certain things decrease its effectiveness, Just wondering if a stool softener could be one? Its not really a big issue because were using condoms as well..but just being extra cautious..


Christine - December 13

Yeah it sounds like you have some hemrhoids...the worst part is that they are bleeding hemrhoids if thats what they are...and they really should be looked at...I had a friend who got them after both of her children...I think I may have one also but it doesnt bleed, and really never bothers me unless I'm constipated a lot...anyways any blood from the rectum should be checked is very common..but if they are large they will need to be removed...which I hear is horrible...but it cant be any worse than labor pains(lol)...good for the stool softners and birthcontrol..I dont know that one...I would just call the doc and ask...good luck


KM - December 13

well the cream seems to be helping the pain and it only hurts a tiny bit when I go but at leats I am able to.And I have not noticed any blood since the other day so I think they are getting better, I will probably still mention it to my doctor though.


lilmama - December 13

preperation H wipes are wonderful for hemmoroids. It will be pretty painful for a while to go to the bathroom. walk a lot and take stool softeners everyday


KM - December 14

yeah I have the wipes and am taking stoll softeners,they are getting a lot better. I called the doctor and she said to just keep doing what im doing and if they dont get better to come in and see her. but things are improving..The things we go through to have a baby eh? lol


G - January 7

I hope you're feeling better by now. If you're not I can relay the experience of my wife after her first childbirth -- she was misdiagnosed with hemmorhoids for like 6 months until she discovered she had an a___l fissure (even less fun than it sounds). Medical science still has not much of a clue about this condition, in my opinion, probably because nobody wants to talk about it. Check out this web page (and do some web searches) and then ask your doctor if you are still having problems. Good luck !


KM - January 7

I am feeling better, thanks, but still having pains and bleeding although not as bad. I have heard about a___l fissures, but the doctor didnt seem concerned when I mentioned it to her she didn't even check me she just said it was hemrhoids and it would take awhile to get better, and also that once you have had them they are reoccuring.



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