Bowel Movements During Labor

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Ann - August 11

My husband and I are finally getting to the point where a baby is in the near future. We're currently building a house (will be moved in there in about 6 weeks) and hope to try for a family next January or so. However, I recently became HORRIFIED when I heard pooping on the table stories. Is it really that common? How many of you have experienced it? I feel so stupid, because I always wondered how women managed their bowels during pushing, but it never occurred to me that stuff could just...pop out! lol Bring me comfort, I am freaking out here.


Charlene - August 11

You won't even know if you do and not so sure you would even care. I had a ruptured ectopic and one of the signs was diarhea - I had to call an ambulance and at the hospital I could do nothing to hold it, but you know, at that time I could not have cared less. I think you'll be focused on baby (or pain) and won't even know. It's not likethey point it out and laugh!!


miranda - August 11

you will not know even if you do. They are very discreet. Of all the things to worry about with pregnancy and birth, I don't think you should give this one another thought.


Anna - August 11

My OBGYN told me that I should not worry about it and that it is very common. He smiling told me to stay way from beans that day for his sake. :)


KAtharine - August 11

Agreed. I have no idea if I did or didn't. Didn't care at all. If it would have gotten the baby out quicker/less painfully, I would do it in a heartbeat.


Lacy - August 18

OK, I did and I noticed it - I could feel it coming and I told the nurse but she wouldn't let me get up to go to the bathroom as I was already pushing. My husband thought it was funny, but the nurse was so casual about it, it didn't bother me as much as I thought it would. They do this all the time.


Steph - August 18

I did...but did not know about it till the next day when the then b/f told me about it. I had an epidural so I could not feel that I did. All the nurse did was move it away and contiuned helping the doc deliver my daughter. It's bound to happen while you are pushing. Those who have not had it happen are lucky!!!


Jane - August 18

I did. I could feel it, but had not control. I was not even pushing. A contraction pushed it out. The I was embarra__sed but the nurse acted like nothing and was very casual about it. I was surprised because I had been having contractions at home for 3 days and that seemed to clean everything out and I ate very lightly during that time too. I guess there was a little left. Don't worry it will be the last thing on your mind.


Tahlia's Mama - August 19

To be honest, I don't even know if I did? Its hard because when pushing out your baby, they say to push like you are doing a poo. But the head coming thru sometimes squashes up your bowels and not much comes out. Also, believe me, its the last thing on your mind at the time!!


poopy - August 19

have a GREAT poop and don't worry about , most of us were born little poops


Julie - August 19

The thing is that you are pushing sooo hard and especially if you have pain medication you won't even notice if you do. It is very common and they clean it up right away.


to ann - August 20

Normally before labour your body automatically flushes out your bowels ie you go to the loo before hand and everything should be gone , if not however yoou might make a mess while pushing how cares ! I was worried before i had my dd but believe me pooping youself is the last thing you'll care about !x


Bree - August 20

Hey, I've thought about having an enema ready and waiting and when I see that I'm going into labor I'll use it. Won't that help????????????



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