Boy Names

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Louise - November 23

hey future mommas! i was just wondering what your going to call your baby? im seriously stuck with names and by this rate i think ill just have to settle with any name! im expecting a boy!


boy names - November 23

I'm not even pregnant yet and already have a ton of boy names... (I hope I don't have a girl, cus I'm having trouble with those names!) For a boy I like: Reid, Declan, Joshua, Evan, Liam, Kaden... Good luck!


K - November 23

I'm with you I only have girls names. I have one boys and I don't know what I'm having so I'm trying to get a couple more if it's a boy. Hunter


liz - November 23

I'm naming my son Oren William


sHelly - November 23

Jayden Christopher and he will be here as soon as jan.26 ish. Good luck to all.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 23

My son's name is Lucas John.


Bobbi - November 23

If we have a boy we will name him Hayden Andrew. A girl will be Nevada Lynn.


Tasha - November 23

If its a boy it will be Cole Shawn, not sure on a girl yet, we like Sadie, or Keira


Shawna - November 23

My son's name is Alexander Nicholas


HH - November 24

I really like Luke and Lucas, Christopher, Eric, David, and Oliver. What KIND of names do you like?


someone - November 24

Noah, Evan, Nate, Jay, Ty. I cant decide.


JenniferB - November 24

I named my little boy Elijah. If I have another boy I am at a loss. It took us forever to come up with one name that we liked.


Not a fan of strange irregular - November 24

Declan???? Oren?????? Those are weird. Evan and Lucas are nice


Beth S - November 24

Im sure everyone is tired of reading mine, but my little ones name is Grady Thomas. Grady after hubbys grandfather and Thomas after my dad


Summer - November 25

I am not Pregnant but I like the name Chase Alexander for a boy.


Stephanie - November 25

We were going to go with Logan James when we found out I was pregnant. Having a girl and her name is Ayla Victoria.


AA - November 25

For a girl we're going with either Grace Whitney, or Whitney Alysse and for a boy we're naming him Garrett David.I have a feeling it'll be a boy.: )



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