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lorenda - December 30

i have three boys and expecting my fourth in july 06. i am having severe nausea i am always sleeping. can this be a girl?i don't remember having so much problems with my other pregnancys.


Dawn C - December 30

It could be either. Some are never sick with either. Some are sick with both or could be sick with one and not the other. ultrasound is th ekey. It is fun to get on the gender predictions test ands take those just for fun. With my boy I was always sleeping but never nausea. I had a friend no sickness it was girl.


shellers - December 30

I didn't get very sick with my 1st 2 and they were boys now I am pregnant with a girl and have been sick pretty much the whole time. Dawn is right though. It is fun to do the gender predictions. A friend of mine looked up my age and month of conception for the chinese calender and it actually was right. I also did the ring test and it was right 2 out of 3 times... Congrats and good luck


Don't Trust O.W.T.'s - December 30

With my 1st girl, I had no sickness. No problems at all. With my second girl, I was always nauseous, and taking Tums. This one's a boy, and I'm always nauseous taking Rolaids now. I think it just depends on the person. Also, the chinese calendar was wrong before, and correct this time, and the Draino/urine test was wrong too. None of those things ever come out correct except by accident.


Dawn C - December 31

I will have to say chinese calendar was right for me but the needle was wrong


~*sunny*~ - January 1

The chinese calneder was wrong for me, I think i tried most of the ones available for the fun of it, as we didn't want to find out the gender from our ultrasound. Most of them said it would be a boy, and I had a babygirl Christmas Day!!! I can't really say I enjoyed the pregnancy, i was sick the whole way through, it eased off to only a couple of times a day by week 25, I could have slept for England, had no energy either, I guess each person is different.



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