Boy Or Girl The Needle Knows

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Mikael Williamson - May 3

I have found the absolute best OWT for gender prediction! Stick a threaded needle into the eraser of a sharpened pencil. Hold by the thread over the mother's OR the father's wrist. When the pencil stops spinning, touch it to the wrist. Pick it back up again and wait for the spinning to stop. The pencil will move in an up and down motion to indicate girl, and sideways to indicate boy. But wait, there's more! The pencil will show ALL of your children. For instance, I have a nine year old daughter. The pencil first went side to side, then stopped. I am also pregnant with my second child, my husband's first. Then it went in a circle (which means nothing) and began to swing side to side (boy!). Then stopped completely. We tried it on my husband, and the pencil swung side to side and then stopped, indicating one boy. When we learned of this, my husband's friend said, "watch this." He touched my hubby's hand the pencil started showing his two grown children along with our baby at the same time! We tried it on everyone who has already had children and it was totally accurate. I don't know what causes this, but I would swear to the validity of the results. Can't wait to meet my son!


prego nc - May 3

I did the same thing with a wedding ring and thread and it indicated girl and that's what I'm having....a girl.


Christina - May 3

I did that and it indicated a boy and im having a girl. My freind says that because I had an abortion before I was supposed to have a boy then is why it indicated that.


Gaby - May 4

Can you do it even if you have never had kids and arent pregnant


Gaby - May 4

My boyfriends aunt did that to him and me but with a necklace and it turned out that we are both having 2 girls. That's weird!!! Do you think that it said that we are both having 2 girls because we might end up having the two babies with eachother???


Kim - May 4

I have also heard that this test can be very accurate but I read on another thread that side to side is a girl and back and forth (from the fingers to the elbow) is a boy. Which one is correct?


tara - May 4

knowing which one is correct would help! heeeheee. Mikael, did you read this some where can you clarify for us?


tara - May 4

I mean - is from fingers to risk girl or boy? and from side to side?


Gaby - May 7

Do you really think its true??


anis - May 7

they did that for Elizabeth on the View and a bunch of other tests and they all said she was having a boy well guess what she had? A GIRL nice try thou


Sceptic - May 7

Personally, I think the shape of poop theory was just as convincing. :)



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