Boy Or Girl High Or Low

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lisa - April 25

i have heard different ways you can tell if your having a girl or a boy ex. if its low its a boy or if its high its a girl what different ways have you guys heard?


Maddie - April 25

Totally correct with me...carrying very low ever since the begining, i'm having a boy. EATING MORE than usual...boy (women with boys need 300 more calories a day). I heard craving CHEESE and ORANGE JUICE and MEAT suggest boy. Womem with girls crave SWEETS, and FRUIT. I think women with girls get worse morning sickness because the baby girls is giving them more of the estrogen that they already have, so the body gets more sick from that.


Davida - April 25

I carried low with my girls but I definitely had a sweet tooth with both of them and they both have a sweet tooth today! I have never heard of the craving for OJ but that gives me hope! I usually avoid the stuff because of heartburn but with this pregnancy I buy 2-4 gallons a week! Hmmmmm?


Ashley - April 25

I was carrying very low and was quite pointy as well. People would literally stop me on the street or in stores telling me "your having a boy". Everyone was convinced I was having a boy cause I had all the "signs". Well, to everyones surprise I had a little girl. It's fun to guess throughout your pregnancy, and it was the best surprise ever!


djhdkjfh - April 25

I've been craving sweets and fruit but haven't had any sickness at all, so according to this information I should be having a hermaphrodite. Eeek!


lili - April 25

hey djhd.... . you made me laugh, i have a 3 year old boy and with him i had morning sickness, with this pregnacy i have all day sickness its horrible i can't take it any and i'm only 10 weeks. ohh good have u heard of anything that makes a preggo feel better i feel so horrible skinny like never i have lost 12 pounds can u imagine 122 pounds and a belly,,, eeeowwww.


monica - April 25

I am carrying very high and I am having a boy. I also crave sweets everyday and meat.


candy - April 25

I'm having a boy but I guess I look like I'm carrying a girl. I don't really believe any of those things. I guess because I knew what I was having prior to showing a lot of signs.


JB - April 25

I'm carrying low and I'm having a boy. This is my first pregnancy so I can't compare it to another. Also I've heard if you can tell the s_x of the baby by the way you gain your weigh. A girl=wider and a boy=straight out...Hope that makes since.


ak - April 25

They did all those tests on The View with Elizabeth when she was pregnant and all the tests they did showed she was going to have a boy (the way she carried, the hairline at the neck, the underneath of her tongue etc) and she had a GIRL oh well, they had fun trying to guess.


Laura - April 26

i'm 21 weeks and i am carring high and i have been craving sweets and i was sick my first trimester very bad and just recently founfd out i was haveing a girl.


mandy~ - April 26

im having a boy, and i carry high and sometimes low. to me it depends on where he's sitting!


Nol - April 26

I was never sick and I just found out I'm having a girl, so I guess it's impossible to tell. I do crave sweet things, but that's normal behaviour for me.


Davida - April 26

I've also heard that if your husband gains weight while your pregnant that you are having a boy! What's the under the tongue one?


chel - April 26

With my first two, I carried high and had very little morning sickness. They were both girls. This pregnancy I am still carrying high, but have had all day sickness. I can't wait to find out what it is. 6 more weeks till my big ultrasound! I feel like it's a boy though.



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