Boy Or Girl Shettles

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Babymom - September 23

Did anyone try Shettles? Did it work for you or not? and did you try it for a girl or for a boy. I am asking because Shettles says if you have s_x on the day of ovulation, you will most likely get a boy, I did have s_x on the day of ovulation, but I was hoping for a girl, and just curious what you other ladies results were that used Shettles.


mel - September 23

I heard it's about 50/50, same as anything really.


ker - September 23

Not sure if it's true or not, but I did have s_x on ov and had a boy.


Mica - September 23

No, I have not tried it, but I plan to when we ttc. I've heard that it's more like 80%+ effective. I think it makes sense; the theory behind it. I'd get the book and read all about it first. Really, though, what can it hurt? Except that conceiving a girl can be difficult and probably take a long time.--------------Yes, if you bd right on with ovulation, and not in the days leading up to it, you may have a sweet little boy. You never know, though, you could still have a girl. How long until you can find out?---------------------Anyone have experience using the Shuttles method?


babymom - September 23

Hi, I am only 7 weeks, so it will be a while longer before I will find out the gender. I did several other things though to try and influence the gender in favor of a girl. I did the vinegar/water douche, just before bd on ov night. I had also been taking calcium/magnesium for about a month before bd. At first I did a 3 day cut off (was trying for a 2 day cut off, but got impatient and just bd'd on ov as well). I did everything that I heard of except for the timing. So I am hoping maybe everything else helped to sway the odds.


Mica - September 23

Babymom, why the vinager douche? I though according to Shuttles, you want to use shallow penatration positions so that the sperm are deposited closer to the entrance of the v____a in the more acidic area (instead of up by the cervix where the non-acidic mucus is) so that the faster, weeker boy sperms are killed off; allowing the slower, heartier girl sperms a chance to make their way to the egg. ----------Oh, duh. I get it now. The acid from the vinager would do the same thing! The weeker boy sperms don't like it, and die off easier allowing the girl sperms a chance. Okay, sorry I just never heard of it before. It seems like everything people do for ttc is the opposite of what you have to do to ttc for a girl. It must take such a long time to conceive any baby when using the Shettles method for a girl! I think it's worth it, if it's important, though!


babymom - September 26

hi, mica, yes, it certainly does seem difficult to have a girl using Shettles. Since I tried everything but the timing (which is apparently the most significant with Shettles) I hope I still get a girl!


Mica - September 26

Babymom, so now you have to wait until what, about 20 weeks gestation for your US? Oh well, maybe you can just be excited that you're pregnant (while so many are ttc but not) and try not to think about it. Really look how many have little girls when the parents knew nothing about how to try for a girl or boy. It is a 50/50 thing, and probably your chances are higher than 50/50. best to you!


babymom - September 26

Thanks Mica, I am very excited about being pg no matter what the gender is I will love my baby dearly, I can't help but to have hopes until I find out though. Thanks for your advice.


j - September 27

it works


ren - September 27

I would be interested in this as well. Does anyone else have any comments?



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