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mommy2be27 - June 7

Hi all. I need a first name that sounds good with the middle name David (my hubbys name). I like Aidan and Adrian, but those don't seem to flow right. Last name starts with a "T". Looking for something not too common, not far out. Thanks


kelley32 - June 7

How about Tristan ... that name is on my Top 5 list


Angelaw. - June 7

How about Alton David, Gage David, Owen David, Colton David, Aaron David, Blake David, Ian David, Nolan David, Noah David, Samuel David, and I think Tristan David is nice too. GL!!!


dedaa - June 7

My little boys name is Isaac David. I love it was not to sure at first but now it is perfect.


dedaa - June 7

I find that it sounds nice together.


mzxbrownxeyez - June 8

I'm naming my son Jayden...and I gotta figure out a middle name that goes good with that


lexa - June 8

I love the name Wyatt. Also, Chase, Hunter, Gabriel. Good luck. It seems like whatever name you pick before baby is born sometimes just doesn't "flow". But once the baby is born and you "officially" give him the name, it will click:-)


Angie in MI - June 8

Cameron, Tyler


Soontobemom - June 9

What bout Jacob David, or John David.


Soontobemom - June 9

Oh by the way, I read your previous thread, and I wanted to tell you. My grandmother had 6 children, 3 boys 3 girls and one of them she made a Donald Jr. She said that was the worst thing she ever did. It was confusing around the house. Also I know someone else who had a not so responsible son who was Dale Jr. and he never paid his bills. The father started recieving collection notices because they got confused between Jr. and Sr. It was a whole mess, not saying that your kid will be irresponsible, but think about stuff like that before you go on to naming a child after the father. It can be tough when they get older too.


Bridget - June 10

It looks like you are giving your son his dad's name as a middle name right? I did that too, my DH name is Sterling and my son's FIRST name is David (after my father) I love how David Sterling sounded, so hey, how about Sterling David? We didn'y want to do the Jr. thing either, I wanted our son to have his "own" name as a first name, ya know? No offense to all the Mom's with Jr.s out there, LOL. And my son is my Dad's only grandchild, he's 77 (I'm 40 and waited a while to start a family) and I told him we were naming the baby after him on my Dad's birthday, it really touched him. Keep us posted...


Hannah24 - June 10

Hi there, we find out this week (seven days late ...finally), after waiting 47 years for my first child...I am a christian, and Hannah in the Bible longed for a child...and her miracle came, could I pa__s this has a wonderful strength....Samuel David ...I'll second that with Angelaw...When is your bundle of joy to be born?


oh_Lola - June 11

My dh's name is David. his name is David Daniel Joel.... the two middle names run in his family . his daughter he named Aaliyah Alexis May which i find is gorgeous as well!


oh_Lola - June 11

I also liked Kelly32's suggestion Tristan David


mommie2b - June 11

lance david, ethan david, vance david, thats all that I could come up with. good luck


nursej - June 12

make a combo of you and ur husband/bf name thats the new thing.



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