Boy Vs Girl

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babydust25 - April 19

just wondering if anyone on here has actually tried the methods on how to choose the s_x of your baby and if it worked or just seems crazy to me but I think its kinda interesting..


E586467 - April 19

Hubby & I had s_x just before/on ovulation & got the boy we were trying for. We followed the 'Shettles Method' & got some great advice from a friend of mine studying medical science at uni. It all comes down to timing & what sperm (X OR Y chromosome) gets to the egg first. To conceive a boy: The boy sperm (Y) is smaller & swims faster, but also dies quicker, so you will need to have s_x just before/on ovulation. They prefer an alkaline environment, so female orgasm before/during male ejaculation gives them a better chance of survival as the lubricant produced is quite alkaline, & the contractions caused by orgasm help move them up into the cervix, away from the acidity of the v____a. Also deep penetration is recommended (eg: doggy style) as it can help shoot them further, helping to keep more boy sperm alive. To conceive a girl: The girl sperm (X) is larger & lives longer, but swims much slower, so you will need to have s_x approx 3days BEFORE ovulation (Having s_x any closer to ov will increase the chances of a boy). They prefer an acidic environment so it best NOT to have an orgasm, as the lubricant produced during female orgasm is quite alkaline. Also the contractions caused from orgasm will help move sperm up into the cervix ,which is an advantage to the boy sperm not the girl sperm. Shallow penetration is recommended (eg: missionary) so that the sperm deposited is further from the cervix, allowing the acidity of the v____a to kill the boy sperm. Best of luck to all out there trying to get preg & I hope this helps you get the boy/girl you want.


sterlinberlin05 - April 21

In addition to E586467 info, since the boys perfer a more alkaline environment you should increase you pota__sium and sodium and lower your calcium and magnesium intake. And vise versus for a girl.


sterlinberlin05 - April 21

Some more for a girl~ it helps to have s_x everyday after the last day of af until the 3rd day before you ovulate to lower sperm count and make less boys to fight off. My cousin said to have hubby sit in a HOT bath for 10 minutes right before bd'ing and you should douche with a vinegar and water douche everytime right before bd'in. Also she thinks it's important for hubby to where tighty whitey's or boxerbriefs rather than boxers for a while before hand just because it's all about keeping the spermies warm. Remember these are all helpful tips for having a girl. I don't know much about wanting a boy I already have one of those! lol



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