Boyfriend Trouble

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kim - July 13

I am 4 mths. pregnant with my boyfriend and last night we had a huge argument. I went to go sleep on the couch and as I did. He came from behind the couch and threw me off. He grabbed my arm and pulled me into the bedroom, closed the door and then punched a hole in the door. He got in my face and I had asked to get out of my face and he replied we can fight like men. I got real scared and said I'm going to my parents house and he then replied "if you walk out that door don't come back". Well I didn't go anywhere, I stayed in the apratment with him and just went to bed. This morning he woke up and apologized and I still feel so disgusted that he would treat me that way. He never has and I have never seen this side of him. Punching the door and getting in my face was so uncalled for and I don't tolerate that kind of behavior, but I love this man and I don't want to leave him cause now were having a baby. Yes, if it were different circ_mstances and I wasn't pregnant, I would have left him last night, but I'm considering this child first and I want to give it a family and not a single mom. Being pregnant makes me think about so many things now and it's not that easy to just walk from this, I'm trying to work things out with me and my boyfriend and make it work for our child.


Sara - July 12

Sometimes its best to have one parent, than to have two parents who always fight and never get along. Your right you have to think about this child you will be bringing into this world. This baby deserves to be in a loving and caring environment. Your boyfriend is showing that he can get very violent. You should see if you both can get some kind of counseling to help this problem. If it happens again, don't put up with it, it would only get worse, and your child wuld be emotionally scarred for life with winesses this sort of behavior. Please seek some help.


Amanda - July 12

Hi, My boyfriend was just like yours. I left him when I was 2 and 1/2 months pregnant because I did't want my baby around a guy like that. My Daughter is now 3 and 1/2 months old. Were doing good with out him.


Stephanie - July 13

It won't be the last time this happens it just might get worse!



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