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newmom2be - March 2

My Boyfriend and I havent been dating long, but were in love, and were already expecting, (unexpected, but welcomed nonetheless) but lately, since i got pregnant, hes been talking about marriage,and honestly, i had never even thought about marriage, not that i dont want to be with him for the rest of my life, cause i do, but how do i tell him, "not now"?? Guys, help me!


Krista - March 2

Honestly I dont see why you wouldn't want to...or at least possibly get engaged...even if it ends up being a while before you actually tie the knot. Or you could just tell him that you'd like to wait until after the baby comes and you're more settled. Good luck!!


laura8 - March 2

first of all, congrats! second of all, why not just tell hime that with this new baby coming, you are already trying to get adjusted to things so you dont want to overwhelm yourself! good luck!


M.E.J. - March 2

I strongly suggest that you tell him you would like to be with him, but want to wait. There's nothing wrong at all with making a long term comittment of engagement. If he can't stay in a comitted engagement, then he wouldn't be able to stay in a comitted marriage. And you both should know for sure beforehand.


fltjt705 - March 2

Newmom2be How old are you? I will be 31 this month and I was just married for the first time this past July. I have a 13 year old son. You will know when your ready, it will be so deep in your heart and soul that just the thought of losing him would bring tears to your eyes. I met my husband by chance when I was 20. We dated for a year in a half but broke up. I knew deep down that one day he would be my husband. 3 years later in 2001 we got back together and are now together almost 5 years and very happily married almost a year. He isn't the father of my son now but is going to adopt him this year. We are ttc also hopefully this month :O). I'm hoping. Dont be afraid to wait. I wanted to get married so bad throught my life but I am so glad I waited because I look back and realize that even though I was a mom I just wasn't mature enough to handle a marriage but that's me. The best of luck to you and your soon to be baby.


falafal0 - March 2

It's great that you have a partner who is committed to you can is standing by your side - so many don't. It's up to you wether you feel you can marry him wether he wants to be with you or not though...I agree with the rest of the posts, let him know you love him and that you haven't even thought about marriage, you're just concentrating on being pregnant! Maybe get engaged and get married after bub is born sometime when you are both ready? Maybe tell him you need to focus on one important life changing thing at a time...?


newmom2be - March 3

thanks you guys, and to the question of how old i am, well, im pretty young, im 19, boyfriend is 24, and i told him everything, hes ready and willing to do whatever it takes! :D


krc - March 3

wait for what?? What is there to wait for ? You are in love and you do see a future with him. Why not let him ask you...get engaged and set a date for after the baby is born. If you wait too long it may become an issue. What is it your not ready for ? The only difference between where you are now and being married is a ring and a marriage license. So...if there is no difference why are you holding out?


livdea - March 3

everyone says "why wait" but, there must be a reason why you are questioning it. Just dont get married because you are carrying his child. Wait, until you are ready. It doesn't sound like you are ready right now, and that's fine. There is no need to rush, marriage is a pretty important thing in my book and there doesn't seem to be any reason to rush, you're 19!! And if you know that you want to be with this guy and he wants to be with you then you can both wait until you're really ready...and you'll know when that time is because you wont be asking how to tell him "not now". Good luck girly and what ever you decide make sure it's best for you!



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