Boys Name Again

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Hayley - April 12

What does everyone think about the name Theodore (would call him theo for short)? I have been through so many and although I can't seem to settle on any, theodore sticks out in my mind more for some reason. If not theodore does anyone like any of the following: jasper, ashton, oscar, sebastian, louie, georgie, Zach. I know it's my decision but I like to know other people's opinions!


name game - April 12

i am going to name my son oscar!


Sarah - April 12

I am naming my child Zach if it's a boy!


Jena - once more :) - April 12

I love Oliver as well.


tara - April 12

Theodor is nice but I like Sebastian better.


~H~ - April 12

I like the name Theodore but i love the name Sebastian.


tiffani - April 12

I think Theo is a really cute, and not so common name.


Donna - April 12

theodore reminds me of the three chipmunks cartoon what was on a very long time ago, thats the only time ive heard of that name lol but it has a ring to it and it is different! but i like georgie think thats cute!! and sebastian would be my second option :)


my opinion - April 12

i like theo, ashton, and sebastian. best of luck!


Jenice - April 12

i love Theodore! it just sounds like a cute kid, doesn't it? Jasper and Ashton are great too. i'm not so sure about Zach (it's kind of an "early 90's" name for me), but i do know a little guy named Zachary, and i love it! anyways, those are my've got some great names going there! best of luck!!! (if and when i ever have a boy, he'll be Micah Jereme) :)


Hayley - April 13

thanks for your opinions girls. Theodore reminds me of the chipmunks cartoon too. My boyfriend said we should have alvin and simon as middle names! I still think it's really cute though. I'd love it to be shortened to teddy but I don't think he'd appreciate that when he's older! Keep your suggestions coming in!


guess who - April 13

how about Savian


To hayley - April 13

THEODORE reminds me of THEODORE HUXTABLE from the cosby show. The kid will be picked on theoBORE,THERE'STHEDOOR


Hayley - April 15

The name sebastian is growing on me more, at first I wasn't that keen. I also quite like fletcher. What does everyone think of that?


theodore - April 21

hi am 13 and my name is theo it's a pretty cool name because it sounds different in countries


toes2 - April 21

theo what are you doing on a pregnant website? I think you should be playing video games or something



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