Boys Name Not Weird But Not Too Common

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Marianne - October 8

Can you help with some boys' names? We like traditional names (no Kaedens or Keegans for us) but we are trying to find one that would be a little less common. Any ideas?


Gemma - October 8

What about Harrison (harry for short), Steven or Matthew.


here's a few. - October 8

Trevor, Jamie, Travis, Shane, Daniel, Tyler, Dennis, Jared, Christopher, Mathew, Taylor, Cameron, Eric, Sean, Shane, Zane, Zander, Thomas, Christian, Sabastian, Randy, Scott, Brian, Paul, George, Adam, Robert, Bruce, Curtis, Aaron, Jason, Allan, Wayne, Greg, Theodore, Caleb, Dylan, Jacob, Jack, Jessie, Ryan.....


Beth S - October 8

my little boys name is Grady. old fashioned, different, and u dont hear it much anymore


ally - October 8

mason, jayden, lachlan, noah, max,


pbj - October 8

I love Gabriel. If I ever have a son that will be his name.


Marianne - October 8

Wow. Thanks. Jared is one we decided we like.DH is SO picky!! Harry is one of my favoritesbut it doesn't sound good with the last name. Keep 'em comin'!


C - October 8

Naming mine Xander.


u - October 8

Brady or Oren


lynnstress - October 8

Hmmm - here's some of my ex-boyfriends: Dallas, Brian, Rich, Daniel, Paul. Others on the not too common side: Douglas, Dirk, Eric, Samuel, William, Anthony, Ryan. Happy decision making!


Marianne - October 8

Hey, Lynnstress. I love Samuel. Still working on the hubby with that one. Thanks!


J - October 8

Our son's name is Benjamin and we call him Ben and we have another boy on the way and we are naming him Ethan. Other names that were on our list were Daniel, Evan, Nicholas, Mathew, Jack.


Kelsey - October 8

What about Aiden?


kellie - October 8

I like Grant, Dominick, Gordon, Grayson, Julian,, I really like G's.


Mary - October 8



some - October 8

Grant. Cody. Colby. Jack. Austin. Trevor. Timothy. Alexander. Peter. Victor. Lucas. Bo. Jefferson.


fg - October 8

luka, luke, clarke



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