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KMo311 - June 13

I already have two girls. picking their names was easy, so i believe that s why i had girls. just my own silly myth. that i couldn't name a boy so i had girls. well, i would like to have a boy so i am looking for a suggestions.


lisa2006 - June 13

my boy when we are blessed with one will be Joshua Paul... pual is my FIL. or Mathew Paul but i am leaning twoards Joshua. Good Luck


LilMomma - June 13

I don't have a little boy but me and my husband thought we was having a little boy and so we decided to just pick the best first name we could think of and then use my husbands middle name so we decided on Parker Wayne but get a baby name book and before you look in it think of what you want the name to mean or be about. then look up the names. My little girls name is going to be Abigail Brooke. I got Abigail out of a baby book and Brooke was my little sisters middle name. My little sister died when she was 2 weeks old so i took her middle name for my little girl but goodluck


KMo311 - June 13

Joshua Paul is very nice strong name, so is Mathew.


Krista - June 13

I'm naming my little man Devin Gaige....We also liked; Jayden, Brendan, Jordan, Dillan, Tristan, Braxton, Jaron...


Nicole121306 - June 14

I am hoping to have a boy but i would be happy with either. We have picked out some boy names that we're still trying to decide on...skyler, zachary, jacob, daniel, christopher, chase, adrian, sean, ryan, and cody. have no idea yet. we do know that my husband's name will be the baby's middle name if it's a boy.


Corrine321 - June 14

Tristan, Brandon, Anton, Xavier, Skylar, Caleb


Tiffany814 - June 14

My husbands (and my father-in-law's) name is Remy (with an accent over the 'e'). I am in love with that name so if we have a boy, thats what we're naming him. But he won't be a junior b/c we're going to give him the middle name of Antony (my dad's name). I also love the names Aiden, Dominick, Regan, Marcello. Good luck!


Fayble - June 14

I love the Name Cayden, i believe it means Fighter, I am deft. going to name my boy that. ( works well as a girl too)


Maggie - June 14

I named my son James Peter after my dad and my dh's dad. If I ever have another son I will name him Thomas Patrick, after my grandfather and brother.


Maggie - June 14

Oh, but if you are looking for a unique name I love the name Cash (I'm a huge Johnny Cash fan!)


Jennifer28 - June 14

We are considering the name Brayden Michael...


dedaa - June 15

I have two boys already there names are Trey, and Isaac.If this one is a boy we are going to name him samuel or Denver.One of my friends named her little boy Phoenix I think that is cute too.


venus_in_scorpio - June 15

if we have a boy, we will be naming him Eli Timothy. We think ists a strong name and not overly common but not uncommon either. :o) I also am very partial to the names Vincent, Dominic, Shawn, Noah and Payten (for a girl or boy) Good luck!!!


NURSEJ - June 22

if i have a boy i am naming him Jovin Tyrell a mixture of my name and my husbands name( Joi and Vincent), my husbands middle name is tyrone so i changed it a bit. if it is a girl Jovinee Bonita( Bonita is my mothers name and it means pretty too.)


oz - June 22

My friend had her bub on the weekend and she called him HUDSON which i think is really nice


kristie h - June 22

Hi KMo331, I called my boy blair david David is my hubbys name wich i thought would be a good idea to make it my sons middle name. Fayble I love that name!!!! I think u have chosen my next childs name if i have a boy lol.



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