Boys Names

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kristie h - June 22

Hi KMo331, I called my boy blair david David is my hubbys name wich i thought would be a good idea to make it my sons middle name. Fayble I love that name!!!! I think u have chosen my next childs name if i have a boy lol.


kimholl28 - June 22

My boys names are Ryan Jacob and Isaac Daniel, Daniel after his dad. I also like, Blake or Mathew.


mcbanes_angel - June 22

if we have a boy, we are naming him jacob warren. my husbands initals are jwh and so is his fathers. we dont want a joseph jr. so we decided jacob. warren is a nice name, i like it. i dont like jacob as much but my husband likes that name. i like the tradition we are going with. somthing to carry on in the family.


mandee25 - June 22

We are choosing either Samuel Andrew or Grayson Andrew. Andrew is hubby's name.


Rhonda - June 23

My favorites are,Kolten Hayden,Todd Michael,Ethen David,Steven Marcus,Noah Michael.


lexa - June 23

My son's name is Darius Alexandre. If I was having a boy this time....I like the names Tristan, Wyatt, Chase (that one is DH's name picked out). I really love the name Wyatt. I don't know why. But of course I'm very partial to Darius! Names are the fun part:-)


sophandbob - June 24

My little man will be called Tristan William Stuart. I also like george, samuel, benjamin and ephriam


Jamie - June 24

Our future little boy will be Aidan Cael. I also like Kyle Adam but I have a first cousin named Kyle.


annalee1313 - June 26

well our first boy will have to be warren cecil III, after him, his father, and his grandfather, so...but i also love the name pressley and aaron


kvilendrer - June 26

Sorry to b___t in...i'm not pregnant right now...i'm ttc. But I already have an 8 month old son. We named him Drake Austin. I know it's an unusual name, but I love it. The first name is really unusual, but the middle name is pretty common. Good luck to all of you! Pregnancy is wonderful.If i could be pregnant all the time, I would be.


landens_mom - June 26

I already have a 3 year old...we named him Landen Dwayne.. If this one is a boy we're going to name him Lawson Bradley.


JenniferB - June 26

mcbanes_angel, Jacob Warren is what we are naming our baby too! Jacob because it is the only name we can agree on and Warren because it was my grandmother's maiden name.


Madeline - June 28

I like my son's name pretty much =) it's Caden Thomas...I looked the meaning up and it means something along the lines of strong warrior. I also like to call him C.T.


babybird - June 28

I have 2 boys already. Xavier Marc (Marc is my husband's middle name too) and Korbin Brian (Brian was my brother's name, he died while I was pregnant.)


rmb3236 - July 2

I like the names Ian, Aden, Adrian, Ethan,AND i REALLY LIKE Bryce


jas - July 3

My first is Nathan Alexander, my second is Jadon Scott... Not that I was going to ahve a third, but I really like the name Gavin...



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