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Preggy Meggy - June 14

I'm 20 years old, I've always kind of had problem prone skin (I'm a red head with sensitive skin) but now that I'm 15 weeks pregnant, I have these little blemishes all over my chest. My boyfriend keeps asking me if they are itchy, they aren't. I don't get it, I've never had this problem before...anyone have anything to say about that??


KLT - June 15

I have them too (and never before). Do you use any lotions or creams on your chest? I think my breakout is because of that, but not sure.. I've been using the lotion so I won't have stretch marks. What i've been doing is showering with Cetaphil soap which is really gentle on your skin and has no fragrance or anything else in it to irritate you and doesn't clog your pores. I also use the Proactive system...both on my chest and my face because since becoming pregnant my face has had blemishes particularly on my cheeks. Try and stay dry. Nothing has really made the red marks on my chest go away..its embarra__sing, but I think the cleansing methods i've been using has helped and at least keeps it as is and not out of control. I also just switched to using baby lotion on my chest instead of the stretch lotion.. I'm thinking its more gentle. You can also use the Cetaphil as a lotion. Are you in the US?? If so, you can go to Kmart and find the store brand for MUCH cheaper. Cetaphil runs like $10 a bottle.. the Kmart brand (which is identical) costs only $4.


Jennifer28 - June 15

KLT- Is it safe to use Proactive while pregnant? I have done research and can't find the answer to that ? anywhere. I have been meaning to call my dr. to ask his opinion b/c my face is HORRIBLE!! And my chest is just as bad. It is so terribly embarra__sing. Has it been working for you?


KLT - June 15

Yep, its safe! : ) I can't recall where, but i've read alot about it and its safety during pregnancy. Like I doesn't 100% make it go away (at least it hasn't for me) but it does help and controls it. I'd buy some Cetaphil (or the store brand I was telling you about) and use that in the shower and on your face daily. Its also good for baby when he/she comes! I swear by that stuff! I signed up for the whole Proactive thing online where they send me a kit every month but I found that I didn't need it that often. I ended up having them send it to me once every three months...but still had such a large supply that I finally cancelled my subscription with them. I still have tons. I don't use it hardcore can tell when you should lay off for a day or so b/c your face dries out. But use the Cetaphil stuff daily. It'll never do you wrong. When you get home at nite, wash your face right away...luke warm water and Cetaphil and you can either use the Proactive then or at bedtime. If you have hair in your face, tie it up. And wear loose clothing so that if its hot or you are are less likely to break out on your chest cause you have on breathable fabric. Another thing I do when I break out use Neosporin. I've only known like one other person who does this too..but it works for me! I smear it on my face at nite (not every nite) and the next day, things are waaaay better. Worth a shot for you! : ) Let me know how things work out!



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