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Nicki - November 19

At what stage in pregnancy do your br___ts change? Is it because they are preparing to feed the baby so later on in the pregnancy or does it start earlier? Also what do the changes look like? Just wondering because Im seeing changes and would like to know more. Thankyou


_?_ - November 19

bUmP. aNy IdEaS aNyOnE?


A - November 19

I would like to know to and hopefully some answers will come


Christine - November 19

My b___sts started changing at about 6 weeks..they have grown now probably almost 1 whole size..which is cool with me since I didnt have any...but to answer the question it is different for everyone...b___st tenderness/growth is usually one of the first signs...but not always.


claire - November 19

my b___st started to change around 6-8weeks. they seem more round and are quite vainy. i started to leak at around 16weeks, i think everyone is different tho.x


Reb - November 19

Some of it depends on how big you are when you start, I think. I am 17 wks and have gone from a 36C to a 38DD, and they're still growing. Makes me wonder why anyone would want a b___b job. Soreness started about the time of my missed period, and they started getting bigger at about 6wks. Nipples have gotten darker and bigger, and everything hurts like hell. I hit one of my nipples with my watchband while changing clothes a couple of weeks ago and the sting didn't stop for half an hour. Oh yeah, my b___sts seem to have all these lines (probably veins) and itch too.


crystal - November 19

Its because your boddy is preparing to feed your baby when it comes out.


angela - November 20

it starts at different times for different women, some don't expierence much change, others do drastically. The nipple may become enlarged, and the areola (area around the nipple ) may darken. I went from a D to an F and that was before my milk came in, i quit measuring after that.



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