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Cookie - October 11

Can I br___t feed and give my baby formula or just one or the otha


Lisa - October 11

I think it might be better to do one or the other because they babies digestive system is really sensitive when they are so young; but I am not totally sure; some of the mothers who have children will be able to give you more help I think. I am going to b___stfeed if I can, I hope I don't have any problems. But if for some reason the baby won't latch or it won't work I will probably pump and give the baby b___st milk that way if all else fails.


Lissi - October 11

I combined b___stfeeding and formula in the first 2 weeks, because I wasn't producing enough to satisfy my baby's hunger. Whenever my baby bottle fed, I pumped milk, to try and get my supply to match her needs. Now I don't need the formula, but I've heard of people successfully combining the two for longer. Breast is best of course, but it's not convenient for everyone. The other problem is that feeding the baby formula with a bottle can really screw up their latching on technique. My baby was confused at first, and when I put her to the b___st, she was making a bottle shaped mouth, instead of opening wide, which gave a me very sore nipples for a while. She got the hang of it eventually though, and can now drink b___st milk from a bottle or b___st without problems. Hope you don't have too many problems. Good luck Cookie. :)


Karen - October 13

It depends on your sitution. My baby came 4 weeks early and is totally on b___st milk. I plan to give him this for another month or so. I plan to go back to work in January. So I plan to start formula the end of next month durning the days and b___st milk at night for at least another two months. I want him to get use to the formula before I go back to work. I beleive that total b___st milk for the first 6 weeks is most important. Research has also said that b___stfeeding for at least 6 months to a year provides the best benefits. All the best


mom42 - October 14

Once you establish b___stfeeding, you can give your baby a bottle. Some take both from birth. Once the baby is taking both, you can give formula in the bottle, if you don't want to pump, or can't pump enough. Some women have to/choose to supplement with bottles of formula for a number of different reasons.


~m~ - October 14

You can do both. With both of my boys, I exclusively bfed for the first month or so. Then I started supplementing formula, also. Good luck!



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