Breast Pumps Need Opinions

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Bree - June 28

Hi, I plan on trying to br___t feed and want to have a quality br___t pump before I deliver. I am clueless, however, as to which ones are the best quality and easiest to use. Will I need a manual one along with an electric one? Please help. Thanks.


Sarah - June 28

Good question!! I myself plan to b___st-feed and have been wondering about this. Input, input!!


Me too! - June 28

I plan on going back to work and don't know what to do. I have an electric one already, but it's kinda noisy and I think I will be embarrased plugging that thing in in my office. I feel like everyone will hear it and know what I'm think a manual one would be better for work but don't know what kind would be best.


Shelly - June 28

I want to know too!!!I already bought one of the electric ones from babies'r'us($329 ouch) because it was recommended by several people and reading material. They say that with one of those it makes it easier to pump,and everything comes in a carrying case,very convenient and lightweight.I think if i pump milk both my husband and i will be able to feed the baby and improve the bonding instaed of me being the only one feeding him.And it will give me a little bit more freedom,i think of it as bottlefeeding and b___stfeeding in one!!! Of course this is all theorie,this is my first and I'm 33.5 weeks along!! Let the experts give us advice!!!!!!!!


bump - June 28



tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - June 28

It depends on the frequency in which you plan on using the pump. The Avent Isis pump is excellent for occasional use, and is a manual pump. I rented a hospital grade Medela (specifically the Medela Symphony model) pump from the hospital when I had to pump every 3 hours while my son was in the NICU. The Medela pump rents for around $40 a month, is electric, and can pump both b___sts at the same time in about 10 minutes, depending on yur milk supply. Basically, if you just want to pump a bottle or two a day, the Avent Isis (sells for about $50.00 at Target and Babies R Us) is an excellent choice. If you need to pump more than that, if the baby will be in day care for example, it's worth the $$ to rent the Medela from your hospital. :o)


Bree - June 29

Thanks. Any more input/opinions are very welcome. :)


P - June 29

I have the Avent Isis and I like it. If you use it properly it can be almost as effective as the Medela Symphony which I've also used. The Avent you can take and use anywhere. It was recommended to me by a couple of lactation consultants.


Jodie - June 29

I had the avent although it was different to what they have now, this was 9 years ago, but it was manual and really great, my daughter refused to be b___stfed and so i used the pump for nearly 4 months


zephyr - June 29

I went back to work 3 weeks after my little guy was born and pumped at work with an electric pump (I don't remember the brand, but it was about $80, although, if I'm preg this time around I'll get a dbl pump b/c you leak on the other side as you pump) anyway, it was loud and a little embara__sing at first, but the other people in my office were very supportive (I worked @ a hospital as a med. rec.). It was well worth the embara__sment, 8^). BTW I loved my electric pump (although I never tried a manual one, so I can't compair)



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