Breast Soreness Subsiding Stopped

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Kevin D. - April 17

A little over one week ago my wife and I took ahome pregnancy test and the result was positive. Up until yesterday, her br___ts were sore. This soreness is beginning to subside. Could this mean that she has miscarried?


Nicole - April 17

I would like to know also, the same thing happened to me, although I haven't taken a preg test yet. Somebody PLEASE help!!!!!!


Jen - April 17

My b___st tenderness went away but I think it was after the first trimester? d to. Anyway, there are many signs of miscarriage. Here are some I found: * v____al bleeding that is heavier than a normal period and lasts more than 2 weeks * v____al bleeding that soaks one thick pad or more in an hour * v____al bleeding accompanied by pa__sing large clots (the size of a walnut or larger) * cramping that gets worse or lasts more than 2 days * foul-smelling discharge from your v____a * chills or fever (temperature of 38 degrees C or 100.4 degrees F or higher) * v____al bleeding, similar to a menstrual period, may last for up to a week after a miscarriage, with light bleeding, called 'spotting' occuring for a brief time after this Take another test or call your doctor if it will ease your mind.


Karen - May 27

I think everything is fine. There was another question posted about this and everyone says that the pain comes and goes. I am starting my 5th week and woke up this morning w/ not as much pain and I really started to worry but after reading the other postings, it seems that this is very common. Plus, I still have all the other lovely symptoms this morning: nauseous, exhausted, etc.... I don't think that you have anything to worry about. Good luck !


Lissi - May 27

My pain subsided for a little while when I was 8 weeks but it came back again. I wouldn't worry about it.


s - May 27

don't worry....I was 6 weeks when i found out I was pregnant and my b___bs were hurting really bad before then. It was one of the indications that I might be pregnant. They were really sore for about a week or two after and then they got better......for about 2 more weeks and then it just stoped all together. It goes away and then it comes back at the end.



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