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Q - January 7

Has anyone out there br___tfed and not lost weight doing so, or is it a for sure way to loose weight after pregnancy?


Katharine - January 7

All said and done, after nursing (and continuing to eat like a cow), I weighed 5 lbs less than before I got pregnant. My sister-in-law is the smallest she has been in her adult life (and skrinking).


Mellissa - January 7

Breastfeeding requires an extra 500 calories of food a day because it burns 800-900 calories from your system a day. This means that once you deduct the extra food you are eating from the total extra number of calories you are burning from b___stfeeding, you are still managing to get rid of 300-400 calories a day! And, you aren't even exercising. Add that and you can up the burn of calories per day. As another note, 3000 calories lost equals out to a loss of one pound of fat. This means that you'll lose a pound of fat every 7-10 days just from b___stfeeding alone! Just be sure to make sure that all of your caloric intake is from fruits and veggies, lean meats and dairy and, only whole grains. No sugar, animal fats, processed foods and white carbs like breads, pastas and crackers. Even without exercise, it's still possible to lose weight from b___stfeeding alone but it has do be done on the right diet (with LOTS of fluids!) Some women can still manage to lose weight without eating entirely healthy but they tend to have a higher metabolism and, aren't exactly considered to be healthy. Don't just b___stfeed for the weight loss benefits, though. There are so many reasons to b___stfeed! Read up on it, you'll be really surprised. Oh, and it's a whole lot cheaper and more convenient than formula too, as an added bonus


Mellissa - January 7

As an added note to above, do not create a calorie defecit in your diet by not adding the extra food you need per day while b___stfeeding. Your milk supply depends hugely on the amount of quality food and liquids your body takes in and restricting your diet can result in insufficient (or non-existent) milk supplies.


jess - January 13

b___stfeeding will help tou loose weight but be patient they say you loose more weight in the second six months if you stick with it and like the last person said there are benifits to b___stfeeding , it can be hard at first but try to stick with it good luck



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