Breastfeeding Question

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Lissa - June 27

I plan to br___tfeed, and this is my first baby,I'm 28 weeks pregnant, and this might be a dumb question, but i cant help but worry that maybe the baby wont get the milk out, it's hard to type into words, but I'm worried that maybe i wont have the baby in the right position or something and the baby doesn't get the milk out, but she's sucking away and I'm thinking im feeding her, and shes not getting anything...can this happen? will I know if it is coming out and she is eating? I know this probably sounds stupid, but it is one of my many worries as a first time mom. I just want to make sure that i'm actually feeding her. I don't want to be thinking shes well fed and have her really starving to death. I'm sure I'm worrying for no reason, but I just want to be sure. Thanks for reading my silly question.


Katharine - June 27

I was so worried about this for the first week, until we went to the doctor and I saw that her weight was going up! My best recommendation is to make contact with a lactation counselor of some sort and call her with all of your questions! I used a rep from La Leche, but this time will probably use the rep from the hospital education office. The La Leche lady was SO wonderful. I called her numerous times in tears-is she getting enough to eat? is she latching correctly? this hurts!?! She helped me through. The meetings were a bit...weird...for me, but she was a lifesaver.


KH - June 27

Lissa, you will see your baby swallow. You will feel if the baby is latched on correctly or not. It's like knowing that you put the wrong shoe on the wrong foot - you just know. You will also know when you go to the first appt and see if the baby has gained weight.


Jodie - June 27

I had a lot of trouble b___st feeding my first and recently my midwife told me it was probably because i had a pethadine shot to close to giving birth which made her drowsy at birth, i had no trouble with my second and absolutely loved b___st feeding, i hope its sucessful for you :)


BBK - June 27 They are everywhere and have many free cla__ses


~Ash~ - June 27

You will feel the milk flow in your b___sts and you will hear you baby and see your baby swallow, usually if its not working right your baby will let you know they usually cry if something isnt working right, being the bottle nipple or the b___st nipple. At first it will be akward finding the best positions for yourself and your baby but you will get the hang of it and they also have lactation consultants at the hospital so if in doubt ask someone is always there to help.



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