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kimmy - July 8

I really want to br___tfeed my baby when its born because it is so much better for the baby but I have a full time job that I am a manager at and it is going to be hard enough to miss any work to begin with so I was wondering if it is possible to br___tfeed and bottle (formula feed) during the day when I'm not there... or is it better to just formula feed if I have to make that choice?


m - July 8

I b___st fed and bottle fed my daughter for four months, then switched to bottle. Used Isomil which was what the nurse recommended. I felt that I wasn't getting enough b___st milk. Whenever I used the pump I could barely fill a little bottle (looking back it was probably the worthless pump - others told me to try the electric ones but I never did) anyway, so I was very happy to learn I could do both. I think that it's wonderful to do both. Others can feed the baby as well, and the baby can get what nature intended.


diazmommy - July 8

It is possible to nurse and to pump your milk to bottle feed when you are at work. Start building a milk supply preferrably when you are feeling engorged( really full of milk). You can freeze that milk to use at another time. There is a lot of info about b___st feeing for the working mom, take time to learn all you can


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - July 8

Feed you baby b___stmilk exclusively for the first 2 weeks to build up your supply. Certainly your baby will be better off with the combination of b___stmilk and formula than just formula alone. If you can't manage, don't feel guilty about not b___stfeeding, it's not an ideal situation for everyone. :o)


KH - July 8

I did both very successfully. I gave my baby organic formula so that made me feel better. It wasn't that much more expensive either.


E - July 8

I also do both and it is a success. Aja enjoys b___st during the day and three 6 ounce bottles of formula as well.


E - July 8

I started this right away also. He recieved one 3oz. bottle of formula in the nursery, while in the hospital. I would b___stfeed the rest of the time. He took to both immediately without issue.



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