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anita - September 10

has anyone else experienced this? it seems as if my br___ts have grown, but now the nipples are shaped to be more erect, it's not like i'm cold, but they are just more pointy. has anyone else experienced this? and is it a normal sign of preg?


Angela - September 8

Hi anita, you are not alone in this. Although mine did not start being really erect until the 2-3 month. By this time of course I knew I was pregnant. Mine are very, very pointy and they always look like I am cold, even though I am not!!! I think everyone may be different in this matter. Some of my friends have had it happen, others never really had bigger nipples to begin with so their b___sts just got bigger, with a little swelling of the nipple. Hope this helps a little


anita - September 8

thanks, anyone else???


anita - September 9

anyone else?


ca__sie - September 9

i have the same thing


nico - September 9

i think im 9 wks preg. my b___st are very sory and i have little white bumps that have appeared on the areola. my nipples have become very sensitive, sometimes stinging when the shower hits them, and im having a milk like discharge if i squeeze them. not alot but like one or two drops. what else could cause this besides being preg?


Erin - September 9

I'm having the same problem. Nipples especially!! It feels like pins and needles, especially in the shower. Not sure if I am pregnant or not! I remember my b___bs being my first clue with my daughter though.


katie - September 10

you are not the only one. I too have the same thing. I found out yesterday that I am pregnant.


nico - September 10

how soon does a preg womans b___st start having milk in them. i think im 9 weeks preg, and for the last month, ive been having very sensitive b___sts and nipples. my nipples always seem to be hard but they arent. i have little white bumps on my areola and points on my nipples (if that makes sense) and they feel like needles when the water hits them a certain way in the shower. im going to take another hpt tomorrow to see what it says. anyone else have the points on their nipples?


ellen - September 10

Yes, i have experienced this. I also think that i could be pregnant. I'm not cold either, i don't know.


ca__sie - September 10

Katie- how far along were you when you found out? how many weeks since lmp?


nico - September 10

what about ma__sive itching anyone? my bbs have started to itch like crazy on the sides and sometimes by the areola...but they are so sore that any amt of light scratching, rubbing or even staring to long is painful...anyone else go thru this?


Erin - September 14

UPDATE: if you've havent read my story... my last period was the end of june/beginning of july. Friday the 17th will be when I'm supposed to get my period for the third time. The first missed period I went off the pill. If i was pregnant I'd be 11 weeks, or I could have just gotten pregnant recently. I have no idea. All of my tests have been negative. For the past 2 weeks I've been really tired and my b___bs have been sore- especially my nipples. I detest food in the morning but crave everything in sight at night. I have gained 10 lbs since that month I stopped taking the pill, mostly in my belly, and none of my pants can be b___toned. Recently I've been feeling lightheaded at random times, especially when I get up quickly. HERE'S THE KICKER: Today in the shower I decided to squeeze my nipples to see what would happen... and a milky discharge, slightly yellow, came out of my right b___st. Nothing major but a few drops. I tried again later, and still the same thing. It reminds me of colostrum. When I was nursing my daughter, she favored my right b___st, and that b___st always made more milk. (That was 4 years ago, no chance this is left over haha). Could THAT be a symptom from going off the pill as well? Or am I really pregnant despite the neg tests? Or is something wrong with me? HELP!!


nico - September 14

Erin it sounds like you could be preg. i have the same stuff coming out of my b___sts and they are still itching and hurting like crazy. i still havent gotten my period this month so tonight my bestfriend and I are going to the ER so I can try and get them to give me a ultrasound. At this point I cant trust any hpts and im when they draw my blood im going to ask for a quant blood test to see what the actual hcg is. the last two blood test i had were not quaint. i pray that i am preg and not something else because something is definantly goin on with my body.


Erin - September 14

nico- thanks and good luck tonight! I was thinking an ultrasound was my next step as well. I really hope you that you are pregnant too! It's scary, because like you said, if we're not pregnant, WHAT is going on? I'm sending you baby vibes...


monique - September 24

Yes i do have this i am due on my period today i have loads of bumps around my nipples and back ache am i pregnant


monique - September 24

i guess there are two monique's, i guess i'll be monique2. my b___st were sore when my period was 2 weeks early, now they are not that sore only when smaal pressure is applied, but now it is around time for my period and they tingle every now and then, but no period. Do you have any other symptoms? God bless all



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