Breasts Answers Please

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Help - June 14

Just a quick question.....How soon do your br___ts start to hurt during pregnancy, only asking cos mine dont hurt, im 6 weeks pregnant, nipples hurt a bit at about 4 weeks but it was nothing to shout about. I spoke to my nurse who thinks this is unusual (she wants me to go in for an examination to check that im still pregnant!!) Shes got me worried sick. When did your br___ts start to hurt, am i the only one?


Maddie - June 14

That's so horrible of your nurse to say! I would be so p__sed! I didn't really experience much b___st soreness. You might also have a high pain tolerance and not consider it very painful. GRRRR...your nurse makes me mad! I didn't hurt that bad...don't worry yourself. You're not bleeding profusely or anything right? Don't worry.


Jamie - June 14

My b___sts were slightly sore at the beginning...they started hurting worse during the 2nd trimester, as that was when they really started to grow.


Heather - June 14

I posted a similar question about a week ago and received a number of responses from people saying they didn't experience much b___st soreness at all. Also, at about four and half weeks, my nurse told me it was probably too early to feel much and that it often comes on later. Good luck to you!


-m - June 14

I'm 31 weeks and haven't had hardly any b___st soreness during my pregnancy at all. Don't worry, every women is different and not everyone has the same symptoms. That is horrible about your nurse saying that and making you worry!


Maleficent - June 14

this is my 3rd pregnancy and so far the ONLY one i've had b___st tenderness with. your nurse needs to stfu and stop freaking you out over a perfectly normal thing. i'd let the doctor know what she told you and how it made you feel. seriously, this lady needs to be more thoughtful.


shatika - June 14

Hey mine started to hurt at about 5 weeks,it hurts real real im mean extreamly bad when im cold


Help - June 14

Thanks everyone for your responses, Ive got a doctors appoint next week so will let him know what the nurse said, and how much it has upset dh and i. Weve been ttc for more than 4 years now, ive already had 2 mc and dont think i could cope with another.. im not bleeing nor do i have any unusual pain, it was only my b___sts that had me worried. Thank you, youve all helped put my mind at ease. x


Soleil - June 14

Not everyone experiences that, when I was pregnant they would get sore every once in a while, not a lot at all. It would come and go, but it really didnt hurt much.


Audrea - June 15

When I was at 6 weeks I also started to worry because I did not have any symptoms at all of being pregnant. Well, needless to say, the worry was all for nothing. Within two weeks I became sick as a dog all day everyday, and my b___sts started to hurt horribly bad. By the time I was 8 weeks pregnant, I surely knew it just by the symptoms. Give it another couple of weeks before you start to worry. Everyone is diffirent. Some women don't get any symptoms at all, lucky for them, but also a little nerve wracking I would suppose. Hope that helps. Good luck.



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