Breasts Getting Bigger When

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Marcy - October 11

Just wondering when did everyones br___ts start getting bigger during pregnancy? I am 7 weeks pregnant, and mine are a little swollen, but not a whole lot bigger....yet. I'm sure it takes more time, but when did everyone else get larger br___ts??


gina - October 11

mine grew larger slowly through my entire pregnancy. I'd say they were at their max size a month before delivery. I think it can be a little different for everyone.


to marcy - October 11

i am only 3 weeks along, and my b___sts have already grown significantly, and i was wondering if that was abnormal lol...i do agree with gina, and think that it just varies from women to women...good luck!


Em - October 11

I am at 21 weeks and they have not really grown that much


M.A. - October 11

I'm 17 weeks, and mine feel like bowling b___s in my bra. Pretty painful on the back. They won't stay in anymore either. I started noticing this about 3 to 4 weeks ago. But I thought it was my imagination, because they didn't get bigger with my last until around the end of the pregnancy.


:) Silly mommy - October 11

Mine started getting larger around 2 1/2 months! Then they wouldn't stop,they are huge now!! lol


Kat - October 12

I'm at 10 weeks and have swelled enormously - I've gone up three cup sizes already! Hoping this growth slows down...I was 'endowed' to start off with and am starting to look like a dodgy glamour model...DH isn't complaining though!!


MJM - October 12

Dont worry you will get there. With my daughter I did not get that big until around week 30ish and they started getting HUGE. With this pregnancy almost right away they started to grow. I am at 27 wks. I started in a 36DD and I am now a 38 I I hate it.


k - October 12

This is my first and I am 12 weeks, but they started growing from about week 4. Unfortunately, one of them is growing a lot faster than the other. :) I was pretty small to begin with, but I have gone from a B cup to a C cup now. I think towards the end of the pregnancy when your milk comes in, they will get bigger.


Right away! - October 12

They grew right away when my period was expected but never came.


tesha - October 12

i got nut in bout 5 times is im pregnant but i had my period


Liz - October 12

Awww no fair. I don't have big b___sts, a B cup MAYBE. My b___sts didn't get bigger. If they did, I didn't notice. I fit into the same bra the entire pregnancy and even after I had my son. Damn.



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