Breasts Getting Too Big

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boobs - May 16

I'm a 2nd time around mommy-to-be.. and it seems like my br___ts are growing at an ALARMING rate! I just started my 6th week on Saturday, and I've already grown a whole CUP size! Has anyone ever had this with their 2nd pregnancy but not the first??


April - May 16

This is my first pregnancy.. but my b___sts grew a cup and a half within the first two months... and then they stopped. So maybe yours will too. They might just be coming in a lot faster this time. Either that or you could be one of those "lucky" ones that grow 3 cup sizes... (and I don't really mean lucky.. haha.. mine have only grown a cup and a half and they're annoying me)


loren - May 17

if ur b___st grow alot and heart u might be having a girl


Heidi - May 17

My b___sts got huge right off the bat. Actually that was one of the first things I noticed when I found out I was pg at like 4 wks. That my b___bs looked bigger. Then at around 6-8 wks they got a whole cup size bigger. I hope they stop soon! I'm at 17 weeks and they're probably bigger than a C cub but I'm still wearing my B cup bras!


Julie - May 17

Yes! With my first pregnancy the growth wasn't so rapid! It seemed like after I gave birth they were huge this time I have already went from a 34 C to 34 D and I am 19 weeks.


Lovely - May 17

My second baby is coming, (I'm 22 weeks tomorrow) and even my5 year old son has noticed, saying "Your belly is getting almost as big as these" (pointing to my b___sts!!! ) AARRGGHH!!! My DH is actuallt frightened of them! Well, I did start out as a d cup, so use your imagination as to how they've grown!!!


josly - May 17

Wow reading this posts make me feel better ive always been a 36 C im 14 weeks preggo and now im like a full D it scares me sometimes... but now im getting stretchmarks right at the top of my b___sts... is that normal????


b___bs - May 17

Thanks for the rea__surance! I've got from a C-D to an E! I need to buy new bras now. LOL Josly - YES, it's normal, unfortunately. I got them, but they're hardly noticable at all.. I'm the only one who notices, but 'we are our worst critics.'



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