Breech Position At 5 Months What Does That Mean

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Jessie - May 19

When I went in for my 20 week ultrasound the doctor said the baby was in the breech position, I am only five months pregnant what does that mean, will I have to have a c-section? will the baby move to the proper position when its time to deliver?


monica - May 20

same thing happened to me. but at this point it is still early enough and baby is still small enough to turn around. I am 29 weeks and my baby lies in all different directions. I believe by week 34 your baby is suppose get into the right position.


Jennifer - May 20

My baby is in all different positions right now. Starting the 20th week. He just flips and flops all over the place. Towards the end of the pregnancy is when the positioning really matters.


Karen - May 20

I think it is a little early to say the baby is in a breech position. Like Monica said there is still a lot of room and time for the little one to move about. I went for my 21 week check up this wednesday and my little boy was on his back side ways sleeping . That was soooo cute !!!!!!!!. Do worry about it I sure the baby will move in time for delivery and if not the doc will take the baby by c-section. I also heard of cases where they use forceps to turn the baby. Good luck to you it looks like we might have our little ones around the seem time. Dnot know about you but I cant wait. !!!!!!!


Maleficent - May 20

my last baby was breech untill 38 weeks then she flipped over all on her own. at 20 weeks you have noting to worry about. this baby i'm pregnant with now was upside down, right side up, and sideways at our 22 week u/s. the girl cant make up her mind. i think she'll be a gymnast.


BBK - May 20

You're halfway through!..... like others said position of the baby at this time is unimportant and most babies spontaneously turn in the last couple of months and some even wait till the last moment. There is another method that is used called ECV (External Cephalic Version) where the doc can try to turn the baby. It's not performed till late in the pregnancy, is an alternative to c-section, but doesn't always succeed. Our baby just turned yesterday between week 31 and 32. Good luck



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