Britney S Pregnant

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kk - April 13

Am I the only one who is excited to know her body will not be "perfect" for the next 9 months! I know...I'm mean.


Missy - April 13

Personally, I think it is sad. And her body has been funky for the last 6 months at least - all those Cheetos and fries will get you ya!! It is nice to know that the "perfect" woman will have larger thighs worse skin and strech marks.


Kristin - April 13

I read it and burst out laughing, she just hasnt looked like the cute little britney she used to be. Looks very pale and i thought i saw a little pooch in her stomach and i aint talkning about that d__n do she carries around everywhere. HAHAHHHAHAHAHA


Kristin - April 13

its suppose to say dog


yeah right - April 13

britney was only "perfect" when airbrushed. i thought she was kind of pasty and gross usually!


~SB~ - April 13

I hope things work out for her...I dont know about her personal life but in my opinion kevin is shady. He left Shar Jackson while she was pregnant and if he did it once he would probably do it again. If he did leave her she wont need his financial support!


Lisa - April 13

What is wrong with all of you??? Shame! I'm sure you all don't look like supermodels on a daily basis.... geez.


~SB~ - April 13

Okay...shame on us..but its still fun.


Lea - April 13

Watch...she'll get enormous and one month after she has the baby she'll be 100 pounds without a single stretch mark...stars make me sick.


sarita - April 13

aaahhhemmm*homewrecker*cough cough (excuse me!) :D


Missy - April 13

On the contrary, I look like Heidi friggin Klum on a daily basis....jeez. Lisa, sweetie, you really have to loosen up. There is no shame in our game. I think that people like Britney Spears throw themselves in the limelight and ask, and get paid for, being critisized and in the public eye -they relish in the attention and any publicity is great publicity. Britney Spears will sleep just fine after People magazine calls her a fat cow because she will soon receive her royalty check for whatever she is endorsing and a couple of hormonal pregnant women hoping for someone who is seemingly "perfect" to be just like us - round and unperfect - is totally cool and more than acceptable in my book. **DISCLAIMER - THIS MESSAGE IS NOT MEANT TO HARM BRITNEY SPEARS OR HER ENTERAGE IN ANY WAY - IT IS MERELY FUN AND GAMES MEANT TO BE TAKEN LIGHTLY BY ALL**


Heidi - April 13

Yeah isn't her hubby's youngest kid only like 4 months old?


KellyB - April 13

I too, laughed when I heard she was prego. Should be interesting how it all plays out. I have lots of no so nice opinions on her that I will keep to myself ;)


Eurowoman - April 13

I think Britney is overrated. I hate that she has tons of money for all she could do to market herself. But I don't think she is all that. Sans make-up and the support in the industry-- she is nothing to remember by. It's the marketing/packaging that's working in people's minds.Over here in Europe, only kids under 15 adore her and men under 23 and above 45 *lol.She's plain by my standards.


to brittany - April 13

who really cares....shes still a person, people tend to forget that...ive met some famous people for business purposes and was really excited the first time but then realised that they are just like you and me...i am just as happy for brittany as for any one of you or any woman on the street that is sounds to me that most of you are full of jealousy because your husbands probably think shes cute...and she is so who cares?? good for you brittany!


... - April 13

Hmm.. for someone who bumped into famous people-- you don't even know her name HAHAHAHAHA. it's not BRITTANY you fool, it's BRITNEY!!! get the names right dear--else you might lose your job. Famous people hate being called something other than their famous names :-))))))


tara - April 13

I think she is a great dancer and entertainer, but definately not a singer! I love watching her videos. But her having a baby makes me laugh!! I can't imagine what kind of a mom she would be. Will she look up to Madonna as a great roll modle for a mom? Hmmmm...I wonder.



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